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Heee’s Baaack…


After fleeing the “Lakeland Revival Apostasy Circus” in August, Todd “the Tool of Satan” Bentley has reemerged from the soot of his hellish cave to confirm that he is an adulterer who is leaving his wife for the nanny of his children. Gee, you mean a lying, con artist, and false prophet broke his marriage vows? Get outta here!

Offbeat Evangelist Seeking Counseling

TAMPA – Todd Bentley, an atypical evangelist who drew thousands to a series of summer revivals in Lakeland, plans to divorce his wife amid revelations that he is romantically involved with the nanny of his children, according to his ministry.

Bentley is resolute in seeking a divorce from his wife, Shonnah, amid “his increased familiarity with a female staff member” during the revival in Lakeland, the letter states. “Todd admits to being 100 percent responsible for the divorce.

The tattooed and body-pierced preacher has not seen his estranged wife or his children since July

As I stated in a previous post, keeping this degenerate blasphemer from her and her kids is probably one of the best moves the soon-to-be former wife could make! Even those in his “ministry” have decided that they couldn’t cover for this demonic tool any longer. ***sidenote – they stood and watched while he slaughtered the Word of God and captivated and deceived hundreds of thousands of people, but they draw the line at boozing and womanizing…moving along…***

And you folks in Fort Mill, South Carolina better buckle your seat belts because (according to his former ministry) the devil is moving to your community to throw some soot around!

Todd “the tool” even reached out to one of the pastors who threw his church doors open in Lakeland recently, defending himself against what his (former) ministry accused him of:

But Strader said Bentley told him he did not have a problem with alcohol as described by the board’s letter. He said Bentley admitted he had gotten drunk in the weeks he was in Lakeland, but the incidents were isolated and he has resolved not to drink again.

“He was apologetic for the harm he caused to us and the body of Christ. … (But) he told me, ‘I’m not an alcoholic,’” Strader said. (source).

Did “the tool” apologize for how he butchered God’s Word in order to deceive the masses? Nah…but he sure is sorry he threw a few back to unwind after all of those rousing Apostasy-Palooza’s.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Todd Bently is a minion of Satan who has been sent to deceive the sheep and lure them away from Christ and His Word. He is a demoniclying deceiver whose con job on the Body of Christ will resonate for years to come. As the Lord wills, he will pay for every assault he purported against God.

And for all of you who have a problem with my frank assessment of Todd “the tool” – I could care less. This imp’s black heart is evidenced by the words that fall from his lying lips, and I will call “BS” on this demon every chance that God affords me the opportunity.

So if you don’t like it, then kick rocks (that means “keep it moving”).

So, Todd Bentley Is A Drunk?

Thanks to PJ Miller and his blog, we learn yet more about Todd Bentley.

Not content with being a tool of Satan deceiving the masses, or an adulterer who is leaving his wife, Todd Bentley is also a drunk (excuse me, he “drinks excessively”):

John Arnott reports excessive Drinking

There must not have been anyone down there in Lakeland, overseeing anything..sigh…


Todd has chosen to do something that is wrong according to Scripture, and his timing to announce it was equally inappropriate. Everyone is asking, “What happened?” “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?”  We are making the answers to those questions a matter of prayer, and are as shocked and saddened by what has just happened as you are. Furthermore, it has now come out that there has been some inappropriate behavior, both with excessive drinking and also with a female member of his staff.

So Bentley really was drunk in the spirit? The liquor spirit.

Just when you think his demonic ministry couldn’t get any lower, he exceeds our expectations.

Once again, stay away from Todd “the tool of Satan” Bentley.

The Devil Flees Florida (Again)…And His Wife!

So Todd “The Tool of Satan”  Bentley is fleeing Florida…again. This time, he’s taken the demonic road show overseas:

Leaving Lakeland

The Florida Outpouring revival concerned Pentecostal leaders.

Cary McMullen, The Ledger of Lakeland – posted 8/12/2008 10:13AM

Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley has announced that he will leave the Florida Outpouring revival meetings in Lakeland on August 23 to conduct revivals overseas. But some local Pentecostal leaders, as well as some national ones, won’t be sad to see him go, and have been wary of giving approval to the meetings since they began in April.

As a side note, take a look at the mind of a typical Bentley follower (my emphasis in bold):

Bob and Hilkka Mounder traveled from Sheffield, England, to attend the revival. “Todd is rather special to us. We’ve really experienced God’s presence at his meetings,” Bob Mounder said. “I’m 20 years older, I know lots more about the Bible than he does, yet there’s something about him. He’s got something I haven’t got.”

You got that right, Bob – it’s called demonic possession. But don’t loose heart, you’ll get it if you keep following Todd “The Tool” around. The rest of the article disputes all of the alleged healings and resurrections that have been claimed, so there’s nothing new on that front.

It also appears that Todd’s is leaving his wife:

Separation May End Bentley’s Lakeland Appearances

Todd Bentley, the evangelist who has led the Florida Outpouring revival here in Lakeland since April 2, has filed for separation from his wife and might not return to the revival, according to his former local spokesperson, Lynne Breidenbach. She said Bentley made the announcement to his staff this afternoon. Bentley and his wife, Shonnah, have two daughters and a son and are Canadian citizens. Under Canadian law, separation is a first step in divorce proceedings and takes nine months. Bentley and his wife have been in marriage counseling for several months, Breidenbach said. She called the situation “very sad” but insisted it “doesn’t invalidate what Todd did” at the revival.

You know the drill – click on the titles to read the articles in entirety. I don’t know if Todd thinks that “Emma the angel” can do a better job than his wife, or if his wife got tired of seeing demonic manifestations on stage AND at home. I don’t endorse divorce, but I think there may be some merit to this one:

Matthew 19:8-10 (New International Version)

 8Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning.

9I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”  

10The disciples said to him, “If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.”

I guess Mrs. “Tool of Satan” can claim that Todd was unfaithful to her by clinging to Emma and all of the other apparitions from his twisted mind. I’m sure she’s agreeing with the disciples that in this case…“it is better not to marry”.



The Bentley Study Bible?


I don’t know if I was just tired and really soaked up the sun, or if the “waves of light” that Todd “the tool of Satan” Bentley’s supporters have been emailing me while I was away (hey, at least they stopped the death threats…for now).

Whatever it was, I’m back from vacation – ripe, rested, and ready to “stir the puddin'” some more!

So, I was watching the latest video from killertrumpet (one of my favorite youtubbers), and I almost fell over in hysterical laughter.

I present to you the latest from the “Way of the Master” radio progam:

Todd Bentley’s New Study Bible



I guess we shouldn’t laugh too hard – anyone who baptizes “in the name of the father, the son, and the BAM!” is capable of anything.

The Devil Is BACK in Florida!

Well, it appears as though Todd “the tool of Satan”  Bentley is back from his recess – refreshed  and ready to continue deceiving the saints. I’m sure that all of the money and attention that his false revivals are stirring up have nothing to do with his hasty return.

Anyway, our brother over at Independent Conservative has it all covered (click on the title to read the artcile):

Evil Returns to Lakeland, Florida. Todd Bentley is Back in Lakeland.

by @ 6:43 pm. Filed under Nuts on Parade

He returned yesterday and the pulpit TV pimpateers of “God TV” are all giddy, that they can continue begging for money with the name “Todd Bentley” included.


(Video of Todd dong a God TV promo is on their site.)

After taking a short break to rest and be refreshed after nearly 100 days of back-to-back ministry, Todd Bentley has announced he will be back ministering at the Lakeland Outpouring from Friday this week.

Our coverage of the Lakeland Outpouring has continued every night, LIVE on our webstream, and we are now going to resume our LIVE on-air coverage of the Lakeland Outpouring from this Friday 18th July.

Please help us to continue to finance these broadcasts by donating to GOD TV. Click here to donate now.

Obviously they saw all the money leaving Lakeland and Todd is back, to try and keep the scam afloat. And of course his leaving once he was exposed, made the whole thing more obviously a fraudulent. The media reports still exposing the madness for the fraud that it is are still rolling in.

Nuff said…

The Demon Flees Florida…For Now

***hat tip to Alan at Real Christianity & Independent Conservative***

According to the Canadian blog Bene Dictions Blogs On, it looks like Todd “the tool of Satan” Bentley has fled Florida for a while.

Of course he’ll say that he’s “taking a break”, but the reality is that he’s scooped up the money that the deceived were throwing at his feet and he’s grown tired of defending his transparent false revival that has yet to produce any verifiable evidence of true healing.

Now more and more “mainstream media” are starting to cock an eyebrow at this demonic charlatan:

Todd Bentley on ABC’s “Nightline” – Part 1

Todd Bentley on ABC’s “Nightline” – Part 2

What will it take for the sheep to see that this guy is a demonic imp – horns sprouting out from his bald tattooed head?

Todd Bently Is A Demonic Liar!

Now that I have your attention, allow me to further expound on my continued righteous indignation and disgust for the false teacher/demon that is Todd “the tool of Satan” Bentley.

Bentley has claimed all sorts of “healings” have taken place at his revivals circus sideshows in Florida. He even told Geraldo Rivera that he had “documented proof” (even though no one has been able to confirm his claims). John 8:44 aptly describes Bentley and his charade of religious show – which is fitting (of course) since Bentley is disguising himself as a Christian minister when in fact he is a tool of Satan (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

So Bentley is a liar. Surprise, surprise.

And now, we have direct proof of Bentley’s lies directly from the mouth of a man who came to Bentley for healing in Denton Texas last week:

FIRST-PERSON: Faith & healing — Where’s the evidence?

Posted on Jul 11, 2008 | by William A. Dembski

On July 3, my wife, three children and I attended Bentley’s “impartation service” in Denton, Texas, north of Dallas. Why? We have twin 7-year-old boys, one of whom is autistic (largely nonverbal, still not fully toilet trained, serious developmental delays). Friends urged that we attend the meeting for his miraculous healing.

Call us stubborn, but my wife and I are unimpressed with doctors who see our son’s condition as hopeless. We believe that God still heals and that His means of healing include conventional medicine, alternative medicine, prayer, fasting, love and, yes, miracles. In any case, we haven’t given up on our son’s recovery (we still remember the day when he was developmentally on track). So if God wanted to use Todd Bentley, we were open to it. (click here to read the entire article)

Please read the article in it’s entirety – and pray that the Lord would remove your anger after seeing how many are continually duped into believing that Bentley is an agent of the Lord. Further in the article, the author begins to see the unraveling (my emphasis in bold):

Finally, around 9 p.m. Bentley began to speak. He devoted much of his message to the visions he has received and the miracles he claims have happened in his ministry. Then, almost as an afterthought, he spent a few minutes preaching from the Bible (John 5). In fact, he admitted that he was having us open the Bible simply so that it couldn’t be said that he didn’t preach from the Bible. So much for reverencing the Scriptures.

So this demon decides to “preach” about Jesus’ healing ministry (John 5)? Fortunately, his disdain AND disinterest for the Word of God is further exposing him as an enemy of God.

After preaching, Bentley took the offering. During the offering he asked “How much anointing do you want to receive?” Thus he linked the blessing we should receive with the amount of money we gave.

Yup…further solidifying Bentley’s newly minted degenerate pulpit pimp status to go hand-in-hand with his demonic allegiance and violent parlor tricks. Let’s not forget the classic pulpit pimp mantra: “you gotta pay to play!”

I don’t want to take anything away from this heartbreaking story, so please read it in it’s entirety. After you finish reading, remember that this demonic imp is parading himself around the world as a “faith healer” when in fact he is a bonafide tool of Satan.

Don’t even go to this garbage show out of some odd sense of curiosity. Just avoid this demonic impartation altogether. Cling to the faithful Word of God through Jesus Christ and pray for those who are falling into delusion over this demonic garbage:

2 Timothy 3:13-14 (New American Standard Bible)

13But evil men and impostors (A)will proceed from bad to worse, (B)deceiving and being deceived.

14You, however, (C)continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them


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