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Can God Be Bought?

I was awakened by the dog this morning at 5AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to watch a little TV.

Lo and behold, Peter Popoff was up to his old tricks – extorting the sheep and scamming them into “sowing a seed” for his useless trinkets (holy oil, holy water, holy handkerchiefs, etc.).

Pete is a certified, bona fide pulpit pimp who has been conning God’s people for decades. If you’ve never seen his hustle up close, then take a look at an “expose” on him from 2007:

Yeah, he’s despicable – and a phony.

This morning, however, old Pete kicked up the sleaze factor a notch by offering what he calls “Miracle Manna”. All you have to do is send Pete a request for your “manna” (which looks suspiciously like 2 small graham crackers), chew em’ up, and BAM! – you’ll receive money in the mail!

Don’t believe me? Well then, take a look at the people in Pete’s commercial…they wouldn’t lie, would they?:

I know, it’s a miracle…and you didn’t even have to rub your bible or turn around three times and shout “glory”! 

This is yet another example of the wolves and false teachers that the Apostles Peter and Paul warned us about long ago.

God cannot be bought with tithes, offerings, love offerings et al. He will not be persuaded to “move” in “your situation” because you drink “holy water”, wipe your tears with an “anointed handkerchief”, or chew on “miracle manna”.

Our God is Holy and Sovereign, and He dispenses grace, wealth, healing, and anything else He wants in His own time and at His pleasure.

You don’t have to pay Him or play games to get His attention. All you have to do is confess and believe in His Son, and you’ll receive His Gift – free of charge

Once you become a Christian, your challenges will not just “disappear”Jesus said it, and Peter reminded us of it.

I’ll say it again – GOD CANNOT BE BOUGHT!

Peter Popoff is a heretic and an apostate who should be completely avoided.

Pray for him…from a distance.

While I pray that he repents, renounces his foolish hustle and returns to his First Love, I also pray that the Lord would minister to those who have been deceived by Pete – and that they read the Word for themselves and never fall for a scam like this again.

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