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I Did It (I Mean, I Didn’t Do It)…

I have explained at length that I do not support John McCain or Barack Obama – primarily because I believe that neither espouse true Christian values, even though they profess Christianity with their mouths.

I did not come to this decision lightly – I stayed in serious prayer (and the Word of God), and I realized that I couldn’t trump my allegiance to God with my affinity for those who share my race. Since I have been open and honest about my take on this year’s major presidential candidates, I thought it was only fitting that I close the loop on my personal decision & formally conclude the matter.

I participated in Georgia’s early voting process several weeks ago.

I thought about my grandmother – who was the direct descendant of Tennessee slaves, and always lowered her head and called white folks “yessa” and “nossa” (no matter the age) until her death at age 92.

I though about my parents who fought to place me in a home in a comfortable middle class neighborhood after raising my older brothers and sisters in housing projects.

I thought about the racial slurs hurled at me and my buddies growing up in the city – in the late 70″s and early 80’s!

I thought about my own children who revel in their comfortable “middleclassness”, and who have benefited (along with me and my wife) from people who held tightly to their God-ordained convictions.

I voted for county commissioners, judges, senators, the district attorney for my county, school board members, and county initiatives and bond issues.

I did not vote for John McCain or Barack Obama.

I don’t say that flippantly or as a cast-away remark. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done (or not done, in this case). I can talk as big and bad as I want to, but when confronted with the opportunity to vote for a viable (in many eyes) black candidate – I prayed hard and with conviction…in the polling place!

As painful as it was to my flesh, the indwelling Holy Spirit comforted me as I stood firm in my godly convictions.

The only thing that I vehemently advocate on this blog is self study of the Word of God and the avoidance of false teachers of all persuasions. Vote for who you want to vote for, and don’t blame me for inflaming an already tense election cycle or promoting apathy.

Oh, and I’m thick skinned so continuing to call me a “sell-out nigger”, “Uncle Tom” or “Black Judas” in my email will only drive me closer to God. Besides, you’ve got to get in line with all of the hate mail and death threats I get from the pimp defenders anyway – and you’ll be at the end of a very long line.

Unlike many, I’m not trying to vote for the next “Jesus” (black or white, Republican or Democrat) – I’ll simply put my trust in the real One instead:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name.

When darkness seems to hide His face,
I rest on His unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, His covenant, His blood,
Support me in the whelming flood.
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my Hope and Stay.

When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh may I then in Him be found.
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand;
All other ground is sinking sand.


The “Christian Right”: Holding Their Noses & Supporting John McCain

For the umpteenth time – I do not support John McCain or Barack Obama, primarily because I don’t believe that either of them are true Christians. I’ve written (at length) about both of the candidates, but I’m starting to get a chuckle while watching the “Christian Right” hold their noses and choke back the vomit while endorsing John McCain – particularly since it’s no secret that they openly detested one another until Sarah Palin magically landed on McCain’s ticket.

My brother Independent Conservative’s latest foray into McCainland is a look at the Messiah-complex on the other side of the aisle. Not to be content with letting Obama’s supporters deify him, McCain’s camp is getting in the trinket business:

The God Is My Co-Pilot, But John McCain Is My Wingman Heresy.

by @ 6:40 pm. Filed under Nuts on Parade

I noticed an online advertisement today, that basically takes a heretical statement and compounds it. I’m sure you who have learned God’s place is above your own, already know God is not anybody’s “co-pilot”. So you already know how horrible it is to claim the creator of all things is somehow sharing or even under your command. Given somebody has to be in the role of “pilot” and the “God is my co-pilot” statement places God as equal or subservient to man. And we all know, when we get on a plane, we don’t consider the co-pilot as leader, but rather the pilot. Anyway, God made all things, including humans who fly planes, see Psalm 139:13. So He’s way above even “pilot”.

But this advertisement I saw today. Here’s the actual product page. Take a look at this:

John McCain: Wingman 3.5″ Button (blue) 

TEXT READS: God may be my co-pilot, but John McCain is my wingman.

God, creator of all things, creator of the creator of the button, gets a “may be” placing at “co-pilot”. And then John McCain gets wingman honors. Since when did God become so common to man, that we treat Him that way? And since when did John McCain become so near deity, that he gets to play the role of “wingman” to God’s “co-pilot” status? It’s just heresy compounded with more heresy.

Click on the title to read the excellent article in it’s entirety. Also, take a look at how McCain is now “opening up” about his “faith”:

Talking the Walk

After years of ambiguity, Senator McCain reveals his spiritual side for public viewing. How will evangelicals respond?

Of course McCain is starting to “open up” about his faith (which in McCainland that means he’s not frowning or grumbling as much)– he’s loosing in every national poll, and even more points disappear when Sarah Palin opens her mouth without a handler nearby. It’s gotten so bad that they’re even “preaching him up” in pulpits across the country.

Oh, and if you need a reminder as to why the “Christian Right” detests John McCain, remember that:

All in all, it’s pretty funny to watch. The Right has effectively portrayed Barack Obama as the Devil in black skin – in direct opposition to Obama supporters who have anointed him as the “new jesus”. Yet in all their moral indignation, they have to bite their tongues and cast their votes for a man that they absolutely abhor.

Ah…American politics…ain’t it grand?

Just a gentle reminder – if you pin your hopes on either one of these bozos to dramatically increase the quality of your life, then you are sadly mistaken.

Our only hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ – and in Him ALONE.


“…We Can Certainly Tell You What To Do In The Voting Booth…”

Whatever happened to actually preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ from behind the “sacred desk”? Instead of an expository message about God’s grace and mercy, the gift of salvation, eternal life through Christ, and repentance of sin, many congregations are subjected to blatant political hack jobs and personal attacks/endorsements from the pulpit

Oh well, the saga continues…

Endorsing from the Pulpit

Pastors launch challenge of IRS rules on endorsements.

Click the link to read the article in it’s entirety (and in context) to learn about how some pastors (and priests and rabbi’s) plan on challenging IRS rules about political endorsements in houses of worship.

So this is how John McCain stirs up his “base” (and by “base”, I mean the Christian conservatives that he’s pretending to be like and hide his disdain for them in order for them to vote him into office) ?

Now that Obama’s poll numbers are starting to pull away, McCain’s forces are eager to whip up “the base” so that he can at least stay close to stem the tide of “the ascension”.

None of this political grandstanding, endorsements, and foolishness should be orchestrated from the pulpit of the church assembly. Sure, pastors should encourage their members to vote and participate in their civic responsibilities – but they shouldn’t use the pulpit as another defacto “campaign stop” for a candidate, Democrat or Republican.

God has surely instituted government (Proverbs 8:15-16; Romans 13), and Jesus affirmed governments order and authority in particular matters (Matthew 22:15-22). Likewise, pastors should encourage their members to be aware of the issues and vote accordingly.

But pastors should not tell their members to vote for Obama or McCain – or anyone else.

I guess some pastors are so used to telling you where to put your money (in their pockets), that they feel that you should also be told who to vote for.

So pastors: discuss the issues, apply biblical doctrine to them, and let the sheep make up their own minds.

Barack “new jesus” Obama Dispatches His Disciples

OK – this post is simply an illustration of an earlier post I made about the deification of Barack Obama.

In fairness to Obama, he’s always let others “lift him up” and fall all over themselves in giddy adoration (from fans to the many in the main stream press). Sure he spouts off the typical political stuff about “change” and “hope”, but what do you expect from a politician?

Also, please know that I’m not voting for Obama or McCain – for personal reasons – but that doesn’t mean that Christians will “go to hell” if they vote for either of these guys. It’s a personal choice. I’m just calling it like I see it.

That being said, it appears as though “the messiah” himself is dispatching his “disciples” in his defense. According to the San Francisco Chronicle on 9/17/08 (my emphasis in bold):

Obama mocks McCain in Nevada stops

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he said.

“And if they tell you that, ‘Well, we’re not sure where he stands on guns.’ I want you to say, ‘He believes in the Second Amendment.’ If they tell you, ‘Well, he’s going to raise your taxes,’ you say, ‘No, he’s not, he’s going lower them.’ You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case.”

Click the title to read the entire article in context, but notice how Barack“new jesus” is telling his followers to “get in their face”.

Uh oh, it looks like Obama has grown tired of wasting time detailing his plans for the future of this country – he’s ready for the ascension, darn it!

While you’re at it “new jesus”, coach them about how to deal with Christians (I can hear that conversation in my head…it goes something like this):

“I want you to get in their faces and tell them that I believe that baby’s are a liability that no one should be stuck with! Tell them that homosexuality is a sorely needed diverse lifestyle that enhances life in America – and I support it! Tell them that Jesus was just a teacher of enlightenment and that there are many different paths of salvation to God. Tell them that I never even met Jeremiah Wright until I saw him at the National Press Club on CSPAN. Tell them that!”

Yeah, that’ll win more “believers” over to your side…

The Prince Pimp Of Baltimore Endorses Obama

***hat tip to my brother over at the blog Eric’s Corner for sending me the video and getting my blood pressure elevated…once again***

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

“Dr.” Jamal Bryant, the prince pimp of Baltimore, adulterer and “baby daddy” (to a young lady who attends/attended his church club – and was allegedly 17 years old at the time of conception!) has taken a moment to stop declaring that he’s “still the man” to weigh in on the presidential race (i.e. line up for the anointing of Barack“new jesus”).

C’mon, you didn’t think the prince pimp would endorse the evil white radical Republicans, did you?

The prince pimp took to the pulpit to officially declare that Barack“new jesus” is in fact our coming redeemer 🙄

Allow me a moment to wipe the dung off of me that the prince pimp was throwing around…

Now, let’s break it down:

We’re in the midst of a recession and many of us are scrambling just to make the paycheck stretch itself out so that there’s enough food for our children, so that the lights will remain on

I love how these pimps say “we’re struggling”  when in fact their demands on your money are contributing factors in your struggling in the first place! Jamal’s children are fed (ALL of them) and his lights come on effortlessly. He makes well over $350K per year, so don’t think he “feels your pain”.

…Cindy McCain comes out in a $300,000 outfit…bespeckled with pure diamonds from Russia…any many of our citizens can’t afford diamonds and are paying off student loans

Don’t forget folks that this degenerate adulterer/baby daddy/ pimp drives a leased 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur (or at least he did last year) – valued at $140,000 (used). Also, he bragged about his “custom tailors on different continents” when he was defending his pastorship in light of his adulterous ways. He’s got the…um….cojones’  to say this in front of a crowd that throws their hard earned money at his feet? I’m no McCain fan, but this clown is in no position to call them out!

…Sarah “Pollen”…is conflicted and bipolar…this woman says she’s against sex education in our public schools at the same time waltzes across her 17 year old pregnant daughter..this same woman…got married when she was 3 months pregnant, then tried to cover it up against her own parents will…this same woman who is under an ultra conservative had an affair 5 years ago with her husband’s business partner

Uh-oh prince pimp Jamal, let’s not start talking about family mess…remember your incident with a 17 year old, and your adultery. 😆

Maybe those clown outfits and 3 foot wide neckties are starting to restrict the oxygen that goes to Jamal’s brain 🙄

This same woman, who took 7 years just to get a bachelors degree having failed out of 2 community colleges…this is who you would put up against a Harvard graduate?…

Um, princepimp Jamal – Sarah “Pollen” is not running against your “new jesus” – she’s #2 on the ticket, remember? Oh, and let’s not talk about her education credentials – particularly since you lied about getting a doctorate degree from Oxford, and you had to amend your original phony bio (now it simply says he “obtained his Doctor of Ministry in 2005” – no mention of the school that he got it from). Go to his tacky and seeker-sensitive website and click the “about us” link (and mute your PC so you don’t have to hear his voice). I won’t call prince pimp Jamal a degenerate liar, but I will say that he lied many times…

Alright – I’m starting to get ill, so let’s get to the crescendo, shall we?:

…even when if you’re from the ghetto and get a degree they’ll still put up somebody from a trailer park and say  there’s somebody who is better than you

Wow. This idiot can’t get over the fact that Barack“new jesus” isn’t running against Sarah “Pollen” – he keeps comparing her to “new jesus”. Then he calls her (essentially) “trailer park trash”?. Now if we heard evangelicals calling Barack“new jesus” a nigger from the pulpit then we would all have a collective “poop fit”.

I’m not saying that it’s not the same sentiment shared by our “brothers from another mother”, but this degenerate continues to show his disdain for the holy bookboard and throws his arms around a man who supports abortion, homosexual legal unions, a government welfare state, and ecumenicism. 

Well, what else do you expect from a man who couldn’t exegete his way out of a torn wet paper bag..sound biblical doctrine?

Think prince pimp Jamal’s words aren’t resonating with the “great unwashed”? Well, look at some of the comments on the youtube page that houses this video:

  • All Praises Due to ALLAH
    We should all be concerned about our future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there
    This man speaks nothing but the truth may ALLAH be pleased with him. Vote for change Obama for president. Check out NAS new CD powerful
  • Awesome message and it’s all true, Pastor Bryant is a man of God and will tell the truth at all times. I have followed his ministry on TV.
  • You may not be hearing form the Pastors you mentioned because they feel they should not use their pulpit as a platform for political endorsements which pastors should not be doing. There is no doubt where this pastor stands. He is using his pulpit as a political forum. However, I agree with everything this young man has said.
  • This is what is known as “speaking truth to power”. All of the prophets in the bible did it………JESUS did it. But we are so divided in this country that we would rather watch the US be destroyed by the likes of McCain, Bush Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove! People are losing jobs, homes, health care, but we are clinging to old racial hatreds. What the pastor left out is that Palin and her husband support groups that want Alaska to leave(secede) from the USA.
  • This is awesome! I pray God continues to give our African American Community Revelation it is time for a CHANGE. Let us get out and vote in November.

Oh well, another stop along the road to the ascension of Barack“new jesus” to his rigthful throne.

By the way – I used Independent Conservative’s extensive coverage of prince pimp Jamal because his old posts quote (and link directly to) the original articles in the Baltimore Sun. Curiously, those links don’t work anymore and you can only find one story on pimp Jamal in the paper’s online archives (about his divorce).



I’m Not Voting For McCain Either!

Imagine my surprise to learn that my post about the deification of Barack “new jesus” Obama (and his subsequent pursuit of the “faith community”) has ruffled a few feathers.

I received lots of “feedback” (yeah, let’s just call it that) from people who want to do me bodily harm because I’m calling out Barack Obama on his faux Christian stance and the endless fawning that he’s privyed to on a daily basis. One email was from a friend of this blog, and I’ve been given permission to share it with everyone as the basis for defending my overall opinion regarding this presidential race:

Dear ST:

I follow politics pretty closely, and I have yet to feel/sense any Christian is equating Barack Obama with Jesus or a spiritual saviour.  I do see people enthusiastically endorsing his candidacy for various reasons.  But the deification I really don’t see or hear much of in my circles or in the news media in general.  The merchandise that you are showing is simply directed at and provided for Christians who support him. Period. Are you now questioning the Christianinty of his supporters?

It’s obvious that you are no fan of Sen. Obama’s as your commentaries are very hostile concerning him.  But, in the spirit of the fairness doctrine, don’t you think it’s time that you shared a little of that hostility with his opponent and the christians that are on his bandwagon?  Or do you feel that he is a “true’ Christian?  If not, why only attack Sen. Obama? Is there something else going on here? I have yet to see you dedicate a critical post to Sen.McCain and his running mate.  If you have, please point me in that direction.

And, finally, you might have already seen this site, but it’s www.jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme.comwhich was started by a Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell and I believe some other Christian ministers.  I think you might find it a good read.  It provides context for many of Sen. Obama’s remarks as opposed to simple “sound bites.”

You know I love and I’m not trying to pick a fight….

I sincerely respect the person who wrote this email. We’ve disagreed before, but we always end up at the same place – defending the Gospel and loving God.

Now that I’ve dispensed with the mushy stuff, let me “break it down”:

I follow politics pretty closely, and I have yet to feel/sense any Christian is equating Barack Obama with Jesus or a spiritual saviour.  I do see people enthusiastically endorsing his candidacy for various reasons.  But the deification I really don’t see or hear much of in my circles or in the news media in general. 

Gospel singers are making songs about how hope resides in him, Jesse Jackson “sees a new heaven” in him, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to add a new chapter to the bible to acknowledge him, and many supporters call him “the messiah”. All that aside, the mainstream media has fallen in love with him as well. While people may not come out and call Obama the “new jesus”, they certainly infer it (it’s the really stupid and giddy ones who faint at the sight of him and really do think he’s God’s chosen Son).

The merchandise that you are showing is simply directed at and provided for Christians who support him. Period. Are you now questioning the Christianinty of his supporters?

The trinkets that I showed in the previous post is junk that folks are pushing to the faith community (and others) to show that “he’s one of us”.It’s basic marketing. I don’t know if his supporters are “real Christians” – and I frankly don’t care. I think many folks are just swept up in the hype – and racial pride is driving a lot of the overlooking of sound reason when supporting Obama.

It’s obvious that you are no fan of Sen. Obama’s as your commentaries are very hostile concerning him.  But, in the spirit of the fairness doctrine, don’t you think it’s time that you shared a little of that hostility with his opponent and the christians that are on his bandwagon?

I’m no fan of Obama’s, but I don’t think my posts have been hostile. I’m a quick-witted guy, so my commentary can be a bit biting, but not hostile. I’ve been far more hostile in exposing some of the degenerate pulpit pimps out there today. For the record, I’M NOT VOTING FOR MCCAIN/PALIN EITHER.

I choose to focus on Obama because as a black man I am constantly told that I must vote for him as a nod to my ancestors and that “we may never have another black viable candidate again”. McCain is not a Christian either, and my brother Independent Conservative (a political and Christian blog, BTW) has exhaustively covered both of these pretenders (Obama and McCain). I don’t dedicate any space to McCain/Palin because most folks can see that they’re about as doctrinally sound as pregnant nuns – it’s Obama that is a bit more cunning and chameleon-like, thus he warrants attention from a member of the “faith community”.

And, finally, you might have already seen this site, but it’s www.jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme.comwhich was started by a Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell and I believe some other Christian ministers.  I think you might find it a good read.  It provides context for many of Sen. Obama’s remarks as opposed to simple “sound bites.”

I don’t give any credence to that phony James Dobson – who held the “evangelic line” against McCain…until Sarah Palin showed up out of nowhere. Now, all of a sudden, McCain (through Palin) has been “born again” 🙄

Also, Kirbyjohn Caldwell is a phony (wanna be) pulpit pimp who is so eager to align himself with Obama that he ignores his previous stand against homosexuality (because Obama believes in “equal rights”). Read this article (and the subsequent links) to get the background on Caldwell.

The bottom line is this, Obamamaniacs (and others): Vote for whomever you want to. Vote early and often. Hand out flyers, organize house parties and prayer circles, volunteer to work the polls for them. It’s a free country and you can vote for whomever you want (or not vote at all).

This blog is my forum to express my opinion in relation to the Word of God – and my opinion is that Barack Obama and John McCain are phony faux Christians who will say and do almost anything to get into office.

There…I’ve gotten that off my chest.


Barack Obama = Jesus Christ?

The deification of Barack Obama is just about complete. As I’ve stated on previous occasions, I am no fan of Barack Obama. Sure he’s a smart and charismatic guy, but he is not a Christian (no matter how much he professes and morphs his beliefs depending on the audience he’s speaking to).

And just for the record, I’m no fan or supporter of John McCain either. I am a political (conservative) independent.

Anyway, the catchy button you see above is the Obama camps reply to the Republican’s mocking of Obama’s “experience”.

So just in case the covert comparisons to Obama as the next Messiah weren’t enough, now you should be aware that Barack Obama (and his “hope machine”) is the new official Jesus for this change-yearning generation.

Good grief – the Democrats are starting to sound like the sheeple who support all manner of pulpit pimps:“Take that you demonic Republicans – get your mouth of the man of God….err…son of God….er…Barack Obama!”

Oh, and by the way Obama lovers, Jesus was more than just a “community organizer”:

Matthew 16:15-17 (New American Standard Bible)

15He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

 16Simon Peter answered, “You are (A)the Christ, (B)the Son of (C)the living God.”

 17And Jesus said to him, “Blessed are you, (D)Simon Barjona, because (E)flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.

Maybe I’m growing too cynical, but I don’t think we’ll see that in a catchy little button or on a bumper sticker anytime soon…

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