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“Stop Slandering God’s Leaders!”

“Stop slandering God’s leaders!”

That’s the typical edict that I get on average. Of course, some admonitions are a bit more…descriptive, but the message is still the same: “God said ‘touch not my anointed’, so get your mouth off the man of God!”.

My brother Independent Conservative edited an article written by GaryV on his site this past February that shines more light on the twisting of scripture used to protect pimps:

“Touch Not My Anointed”..The command of God or the cries of the misled??

Those who feel the call to be watchmen on the wall during this time of apostasy have heard this phrase repeated ad nauseum, by those who seek to defend their favorite “ministers” against the claims of Scripture. In fact, along with “Judge Not”, it’s probably among the most frequently used (though commonly misunderstood) texts in the entire Bible. Have any of them ever actually read the verse in question??

Click on the title to read the rest of that excellent article (one that I’ve emailed to countless friends, family, and foes). Why is it that those of us who blog God’s truth to expose deceit are always attacked, yet those who KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY distort, butcher, and assault God’s Word for selfish gain get protection?

These pimps rail against their detractors (i.e. mature bible reading Christians who dare take God’s Word over theirs), yet they (and their followers) get thin-skinned when the light of truth is shined on them. I pray that more sheep learn to defend the faith more than they defend their resident wolf, viper, false teacher, pulpit pimp, apostate, and heretic. I think those names sum it all up quite nicely.

So, why do I “call people names”? Simply because the names that I use aptly describe the pimps, heretics and apostates that stalk the “pulpit” today. I’m not “bitter” or “church hurt” – I’m just a former sheep of two skilled pimps (one Alpha Pimp, and one wanna be pimp) who decided to read my bible for myself and expose the doctrinal error that permeates Christ’s church today.

Since slander is defined as “a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report”, I clearly DON’T engage in slander when I provide links to videos and text of the pimps own words for validation.

The Apostle Peter called people “names” when he exposed them for their deceitful works against the Gospel (2 Peter 2 NASB) Even Jesus used “harsh language and tone” when calling out the Pharisee’s and corrupt religious leaders of the day (Matthew 23 NASB).

Now, I’m not comparing myself to Peter or Jesus…not in the least. I am, however, comfortable that I am operating in biblical order with sound precedence – and sound biblical doctrine.

So, I’ll keep “calling people names” and calling out the wolves, vipers, apostates, pimps, heretics, false teachers and their ilk until they simply go away.

There, that outta keep my inbox full for a while…


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