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Confronting Error With Condemnation

lion lamb

The world is enamored with crafting a picture of Jesus as the Lamb of God (John 1:29) – the gentle, Teacher who instructs His followers in his philosophical teachings. You see, that “Jesus” is a safe, non-confrontational “guide” who makes “suggestions” regarding righteous living according to the “golden rule” and the “good book”. And many lukewarm, mealy mouth “Christians” – you know, those who act religious on Sunday’s and Wednesdays and justify all manner of apostasy & heresy because of their malaise in studying the Word of God – help perpetuate this lopsided view of Christ.

Thank God that His Word is complete AND replete with the accurate view of Jesus Christ – as both the Lamb of God AND the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:4-6) our conquering King Who overcomes evil once and for all.

I must admit, I have been extremely frustrated lately with this blog. The Lord has blessed me through my repentance from embracing false doctrines to pour out my love of His Word through this blog. I have been driven to tears many times through the testimonies (both here and in my email box) from those who have been confronted with their complacency and returned to the True Word of God. I have painstakingly written as the Lord wills, applying His Word without prejudice and pointing all who seek His truth to Him.

The Lord has blessed me to share His message to unbelievers, and I am amazed at how most non-believers are well-reasoned and more reasonably interested in discovering the Gospel truth. I’ve considered shutting this thing down a lot lately, frankly because I’m tired of rehashing the same things over and over – WITH PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO KNOW AND FOLLOW GOD! You can literally type terms (like tithe, apostasy, heresy, word of faith, prosperity gospel, and more) into the “search box” near the top right corner of this blog to find some of the over 250 articles the Lord has allowed me to write over the last almost 2 years – yet I continue having the same back-and-forth circular arguments with people who would rather (A)continue to believe lies over the CLEAR TRUTH that God presents in His Word – and subsequently remain in allegiance with the vast majority of popular wolves, vipers, and hirelings of the day; (B) not “kick up dust” by highlighting the “strife among the brothers” and “assassinate the character” of the liars who pervert the Gospel; (C) remain too lazy (or frankly, too stupid) to stir up a holy passion for God and His breathed Word; or (D) all of the above.

Which leads to a video presentation of “Confronthing Error with Condemnation, Not Conversation – Part 1” by John MacArthur, soundly exegeting Luke 20:45-47 (and Matthew 23 for larger context). MacArthur succinctly reminds us that Jesus did not mince words in confronting false teachers – and neither should we.

I thank God for godly mentors like John MacArthur (and one even closer to me geographically) who kicked me in my self-pitying butt last night and today, and I in turn will do the same for those who read this blog. As soldiers for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our job is to present His truth and let Him appeal to the hearts of the hearer. Haters of truth are just that – haters. They faithfully execute their duties by finding any and every reason to object to the delivery and acceptance of sound doctrine.

Let’s continue to faithfully execute OUR duty to lift high the Blood-stained banner of our Lord

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The Importance Of Biblical Study

The more debates I have with readers (or naysayers) of this blog, the  more I realize the importance of studying the bible in order to defend and contend for the faith. I’m no biblical scholar – in fact, I’m just a hungry learner who strives to learn more and more everyday. I sincerely believe that God speaks every time I read the words that He inspired (and flat-out told) men to write.

I wrote an article recently about the importance of understanding the Word of God that we read, and not just reading to “check off” our attention to scripture for that day. We can’t defend our faith if we can’t formulate sound arguments directly from the Word of God. It’s a waste of time to engage in biblical debate with people who refuse to use Holy Scripture to intelligently defend their interpretation of Holy Scripture.

Some of us (and I was one of them) have a hard time just admitting that we don’t approach God’s Word correctly. It is not a book of personal prophecy that will guarantee health and wealth or “our best life now”. If we can’t dig deeper to learn of God’s plan for man (repentance of sin and salvation through His Son, eternal defeat of the works of Satan and glorious fellowship with Him forever), then we end up defending the false teachers who bastardize scripture for their personal gain – all the while leaving the Holy Writ untouched.

Our brother Alan Higgins over at the blog Real Christianity wrote an excellent article last fall and I think it’s only fitting that I point you to it in a time when people circle the wagons to protect pimps, hustlers, apostates, heretics, wolves, and vipers of every stripe and their misuse of God’s Holy Word:

“Ten Rules of Biblical Interpretation”

Below are 10 rules of biblical interpretation which I believe will spare you much pain. This has been taken from Tekton Apologetics Ministries

  1. Pray! Pray! Pray! The Holy Spirit knows better then you do!
  2. Always know what the verse actually says, not what you think you remember it saying
  3. Take the verse in literary context, don’t just read what you want to read to prove your point and don’t forget the Bible is a mosaic of different kinds of literature meant to be read different ways.
  4. Take the verse in cultural context, just like you saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” is not what you literally meant
  5. Remember the Bible is a whole 66 books! Interpret all verses in relation the other 1000’s of verses
  6. Check the other translations, The variations are complimentary and show the whole picture
  7. The Bible was not originally written in English, go back to the sources
  8. Theological presuppositions are bad, scripture determines doctrine, not the other way around
  9. Check the Theologians’ opinions, The Ph.D, professor of heart surgery of Harvard is better then your uncle Ted’s heart removal service. Professional opinions matter! (but don’t assume they’re always right)
  10. Assume nothing, be ready to learn, don’t give up. Remember, only God knows everything

I haven’t cornered the market on biblical study and interpretation. On the contrary, it is only through the grace of God that I can even attempt to comprehend His Word.

Matthew 24:35 (New American Standard Bible)

35(A)Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

My sincere prayer is that all who claim to love God through Jesus Christ develop an unquenchable desire to know His Word – and be courageous enough to defend it instead of those who distort it.

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