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The “Christian Right”: Holding Their Noses & Supporting John McCain

For the umpteenth time – I do not support John McCain or Barack Obama, primarily because I don’t believe that either of them are true Christians. I’ve written (at length) about both of the candidates, but I’m starting to get a chuckle while watching the “Christian Right” hold their noses and choke back the vomit while endorsing John McCain – particularly since it’s no secret that they openly detested one another until Sarah Palin magically landed on McCain’s ticket.

My brother Independent Conservative’s latest foray into McCainland is a look at the Messiah-complex on the other side of the aisle. Not to be content with letting Obama’s supporters deify him, McCain’s camp is getting in the trinket business:

The God Is My Co-Pilot, But John McCain Is My Wingman Heresy.

by @ 6:40 pm. Filed under Nuts on Parade

I noticed an online advertisement today, that basically takes a heretical statement and compounds it. I’m sure you who have learned God’s place is above your own, already know God is not anybody’s “co-pilot”. So you already know how horrible it is to claim the creator of all things is somehow sharing or even under your command. Given somebody has to be in the role of “pilot” and the “God is my co-pilot” statement places God as equal or subservient to man. And we all know, when we get on a plane, we don’t consider the co-pilot as leader, but rather the pilot. Anyway, God made all things, including humans who fly planes, see Psalm 139:13. So He’s way above even “pilot”.

But this advertisement I saw today. Here’s the actual product page. Take a look at this:

John McCain: Wingman 3.5″ Button (blue) 

TEXT READS: God may be my co-pilot, but John McCain is my wingman.

God, creator of all things, creator of the creator of the button, gets a “may be” placing at “co-pilot”. And then John McCain gets wingman honors. Since when did God become so common to man, that we treat Him that way? And since when did John McCain become so near deity, that he gets to play the role of “wingman” to God’s “co-pilot” status? It’s just heresy compounded with more heresy.

Click on the title to read the excellent article in it’s entirety. Also, take a look at how McCain is now “opening up” about his “faith”:

Talking the Walk

After years of ambiguity, Senator McCain reveals his spiritual side for public viewing. How will evangelicals respond?

Of course McCain is starting to “open up” about his faith (which in McCainland that means he’s not frowning or grumbling as much)– he’s loosing in every national poll, and even more points disappear when Sarah Palin opens her mouth without a handler nearby. It’s gotten so bad that they’re even “preaching him up” in pulpits across the country.

Oh, and if you need a reminder as to why the “Christian Right” detests John McCain, remember that:

All in all, it’s pretty funny to watch. The Right has effectively portrayed Barack Obama as the Devil in black skin – in direct opposition to Obama supporters who have anointed him as the “new jesus”. Yet in all their moral indignation, they have to bite their tongues and cast their votes for a man that they absolutely abhor.

Ah…American politics…ain’t it grand?

Just a gentle reminder – if you pin your hopes on either one of these bozos to dramatically increase the quality of your life, then you are sadly mistaken.

Our only hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ – and in Him ALONE.



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