Reverend ‘Stache and the Smoking Holy Books

I’m returning from my Holy-Spirit induced hiatus (just for a moment) to briefly offer my sage wisdom (or snarky observations, if you prefer) about one of the hottest topics floating around Christiandom these days…Rev. Weird Mustache (known by his formal “government name”: Terry Jones) and his attempt at 21st century “evangelism” – burning Qurans (or Korans…or Muslim “holy books”…or whatever).

We can go on and on about how the Quran preaches hate against all non-Muslims (as mentioned more recently in a detailed article posted by the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry), and how “tolerant” most Americans (including the mainstream media) are concerning Islamic matters versus Christian matters. In fact, someone on Twitter recently commented that it’s safer to be a Quran in America than an unborn child (ouch!).

Also, I know my own declarations against the Cult of Muhammad, the Cult of Mary, and other religions that deify anyone other than God through Jesus Christ alone don’t make me the posterchild for religious tolerance. My protestations, however, appeal to the core of the Christian faith: that salvation and reconnection to God our Father can only come through salvation through His Son – and the shed Blood that served as propitiation for our sins.

Which leads me back to Rev. Strange ‘Stache and the case of the (potentially) smoking holy books:

Is this guy glorifying God?

Is he declaring that Christ is the only door to salvation and right relationship with God?

Is he presenting the simple (yet profound) truths of the bible in clear-minded contrast to what the Quran teaches?

Of course not – this nut is simply drawing attention to himself by holding the mainstream media  in limbo with his “will I/won’t I” publicity stunt. This guy is barely above the seeker-sensitive “Jesus is my homeboy” crowd (except he has a ratty rental truck with a cheap sign…and a book of matches).

If you’re going to be near Gatorland this weekend, please tell (or remind) Rev. ‘Stache of how we are supposed to draw attention to Christ – and not ourselves – in proclaiming His Word to the world:

1 Peter 3:15-16 (New American Standard Bible)

15but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;  16and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.

Now I know I’m not the most “gentle” and “reverent” defender of the faith here in the blogosphere (or on the street, for that matter), but intentionally seeking to stir controversy by burning books isn’t the best way to draw attention to Christ…unless Rev. ‘Stache is more interested in drawing attention to his small band of “believers” instead.


19 Responses to “Reverend ‘Stache and the Smoking Holy Books”

  1. 1 EyesWideOpen September 11, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Glad to have you back ISP, even for just a moment! With regards to the topic, I cannot agree more and the scripture that most applies to this fiasco and the current church is Romans 1:23-24…”you make your boast in the law, do you dishonor God through breaking the law? For the name of God is blaphemed amoung the Gentiles because of you”. These vipers are only interested in promotion of self!

  2. 2 Dr. jay worth allen September 11, 2010 at 10:37 am

    The guy who comes to mind in this scenario is the Old Testament’s Elijah. The context is very similar: The Jews had wandered off the reservation, their leaders had killed or imprisoned most of God’s spokesmen, and the bulk of the Jews were just going along for the ride. So one prophet of God goes up against 450 prophets of Baal. And won! To bring a modern paraphrase into this plot, what Elijah might say today is, “If Allah is god, let him contend for himself.”

    The scene in Florida reminds me of Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s classic, frightening vision of the future, where firemen don’t put out fires – they start them in order to burn books. But I also know that the Lord tells us to do many things which may seem strange to others. So my thought is, let this preacher alone . . . he may be the one who has heard from the Lord.

    • 3 speaking truth September 11, 2010 at 8:38 pm

      I understand your point, Dr. Jay, but comparing this guy to Elijah is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. Elijah wasn’t running around drawing attention to himself – he stood flat footed and dared God’s naysayers to put up or shut up. This guy is playing a game of “chicken” with the media – and unless I missed some of his news conferences, I haven’t heard much about salvation through Christ…or even the Gospel message.

      Again, this is just my opinion on this subject – but Rev. ‘Stache seems to be a self-promoter…

      • 4 pierced September 13, 2010 at 6:54 pm

        Exactly, ST, the Rev. seems to be about drawing attention to himself, not Christ or His message. He comes across as just another media opportunist (I won’t use that other word).

        Great to read another post from you and looking for more to come!

  3. 5 Keith Tolbert September 11, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Welcome Back! I see the reports of your demise were greatly exaggerated!

    Keen observations as always, my friend. Perhaps instead of burning Qu’rans Rev. ‘Stache and his congregation should heap burning coals on the heads of Muslims by coming together and praying for them on Saturday while they have the world’s attention. As Eddie Murphy once said, “Now that’s a FIRE!!!

  4. 8 John1450 September 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Very nice site!

  5. 9 PJim September 12, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Good to read you again ST! The media had to look long and hard to find this nutjob. The whole thing drives me crazy.

    • 10 speaking truth September 13, 2010 at 8:27 pm

      Maybe I’m a cynic, PJim, but this dude just feeds into the “I Don’t Understand ‘Christians’/Can’t We All Worship An Oprah-like God” media culture that we find ourselves in today. He’s no better than those looney’s from the Westboro (KS) “church” that yell “God hates fags”…same dog, different fleas to me.

  6. 11 gcmwatch September 13, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Hey, I LIKE Terry Jones’ mustache!
    Its kinda cool like in an old Bruce Lee movie sort of way.

    He that is without a cool mustache like this, let him cast the first stone.


  7. 15 GaryV September 13, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    *note to self………..trim ‘stach and stop saving for plugs*

  8. 17 hiscrivener September 23, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Hey, hey. Enough about hair plugs and funky old prospector staches. This dude is a publicity genius.

    He is a complete idiot, has no comprehension of God’s reality, is an utter contradiction of the love of Christ, and a tool. Yet, has the entire country eating out of his hand.

    He has what, 32 idiots in his “church” and now, the whole country has this mustachioed fool trending on Twitter. And why? He’s going to burn a book that he has never read, doesn’t understand and believe is the equivalent of that ruddy stuff with which you line the bird cage.

    Add kerosene to his outhouse of a church. As a sage visitor already posted from the great American poet, “Now that’s a fire.”

    Indeed, brother. Indeed.

    (NOW IST, Stay online. Miss you brother)

  9. 18 Sojourner September 24, 2010 at 2:37 am

    Wow it’s so great to find a site like this where people have found great teachers like John Piper. I left my old church that my whole family attended for years, which was quite difficult, and found a place that teaches line upon line verse upon verse through the Word. Wow! It has made all the difference in my life. I was born again 25 years ago and had never heard someone like Piper, Driscoll, Chuck Smith or others who preach straight from the Word of God. I have grown more in 2 years than I did over a 25 year walk. My dedication and enthusiasm to reading the Bible has skyrocketed. One thing I notice in our current church is that sound biblical teaching, specifically (line by line teaching, book by book) results in a congregation that is engaged in reading and studying the Word. This is essential on so many levels. In other words, the example from the pulpit perpetuates a love for the Bible. So glad to see a community of people here exposing the false teaching that unfortunately all too often misinforms the black church. The church I attended in the past taught alot of Kingdom Now Theology, Prosperity-Lie Gospel, subtle/clever Preterism, was hyper-Topical in preaching style (3 steps to this, 5 steps to that), and evolved into being a church obsessed with Relevance (via dog/pony shows and movie clip sermons). I have a personal passion for reaching out to young brothers in our community and re-instilling a true Christ-Centered gospel with sound biblical doctrine and theology. This is so needed right now, not just for the black community, but the whole world and especially the US. I hate to get political but I even see hints of our Anti-Berean like church culture in movements like the Tea Party. It’s as if they believe in salvation through “morality”, patriotism, Boy-Scout like values See Glenn Beck – A Mormon leading thousands of so-called Christians back to “God” without Jesus in the center of it all??? Alot of the confusion I believe traces back to a 20-30 year experiment of abandoning sound biblical teaching (because it was no longer relevant), resulting in a generation of baby-boomers and their children who don’t understand basic biblical principles or doctrine. Ok I know I’m all over the place and off topic. LOL. SO I’ll close with just one last comment…
    I take slight issue though with people using the Reformed label to encompass the whole return to sound biblical doctrine. The bible is quite clear on this topic and far exceeds the need to use a movement to describe what we all should be about (2 Timothy 4, Amos 8:11, 2 Timothy 2, Ephesians 6:17, and many many more). Ok, now stepping down from my soapbox ;-). God bless whoever the creator of blog is and keep putting the truth out there.

  10. 19 泳鏡 October 8, 2010 at 3:48 am

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