The Minstrel And The Hoax

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Creflo (Cashflow) Dollar is one of the most prolific minstrels in the pulpit today. Cashflow and his ilk couldn’t exegete the Word of God if their lives depended on it. At best, Cashflow is a complete idiot in all things relating to sound biblical teaching. At worse, he’s a false teacher. Neither assessment bodes well for a man who claims to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ OR the sheeple who hang on his every false word. Maybe that’s why Cashflow looks so confused holding the bible in the picture above…moving along…

We already know that Cashflow hasn’t taken the time to study what the Word of God says about prosperity and material wealth, but now we know that he doesn’t even study the bible at all while preparing flowery prose to shake the loose change from his followers. Instead, Cashflow has decided that it’s easier to garner allegiance if he scares the hell out of you – or into you…literally.

Not Your Typical Negro has video of Cashflow yesterday, inadvertently preaching on a story he found on the internet. Take a look at the entire video before commenting:

I know, really compelling illustration, right? Except for the fact that the story that Cashflow is “preaching” is an internet hoax that was debunked a long time ago (links below have been upated):

So, Cashflow is a lazy false teacher who doesn’t even take the time to research such a compelling claim. But why?

Could it be that by providing such compelling evidence that somebody actually “found hell”, Cashflow could literally scare the hell INTO his followers?

You don’t want to pledge allegiance to the mand of gawd? YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!

You want to “rob God” by not surrendering your money to Him (through Cashflow, of course)? YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!

You don’t want to join this church and be a faithful son or daughter to this ministry? YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!

This illustration could serve as yet another reason to roll your eyes at Cashflow and run in the opposite direction – were it not for the serious heresy and apostasy that spews from the pie-hole of Carlton “The Heretic” Pearson. Pearson denies that hell is a real place, and he’s taking his demonic roadshow to the airwaves to influence as many people as he can.

Pearson (whom I consider to be demon possessed) is a reprobate who denies eternal damnation as consequence of rebellion from God. Cashflow, who is becoming an unwitting accomplice to Pearson through lack of study, will turn yet more sheep away from God – and into the arms of wicked Carlton Pearson.

Once the sheep feel “duped” about being able to “hear tormented souls from hell”, they may very well doubt that hell exists. Then, they might start believing that “all good people go to heaven – apart from belief in Jesus Christ”.

And Pearson’s demonic work will continue.

Do you think I’m paranoid and “ringing a false alarm” ? Well, many people dismissed these false teachers long ago – “no one will ever believe their lies”…well, these false teachers pack their clubs every week, and the sheep swallow their lies hook, line, and sinker. Destructive heresy has crept in and become prevelant in the church because “astute bible scholars” shrugged off the potential impact.

Make no mistake about it, hell is a real place where the wicked and unbeliever will go when they die (Romans 6:23), and Jesus Himself speaks of eternal damnation in hell (Matthew 3:12; 25:41).Hell is a place of eternal fire, torment, and destruction (Mark 9:44-49, Luke 16:23-24, 2 Thessalonians 1:9, Revelation 14:10-11, Revelation 20:10), and many will find themselves there (Daniel 12:2). Those who find themselves in hell will still have to acknowledge God’s perfect will and their own part in their destruction (Psalms 76:10, Deuteronomy 32:3-5)

The ONLY antidote to eternal damnation is belief upon the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and salvation (John 3:16-18,36) – and this is the entire reason that the Gospel message is preached in the first place. You can’t win people to Christ by scaring the hell into them – you may win some folks to take up seats in your sanctuary, but you won’t keep them there UNLESS you continue to come up with even more dramatics and theatrics to scare them all the more.

Now, Cashflow’s message will forever be known as the one based on a proven lie…just like his false teachings on financial prosperity and the “little gods” heresy.

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15 Responses to “The Minstrel And The Hoax”

  1. 1 Neil April 13, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Creflo is just so transparently fake. Why do people follow him?

    • 2 speaking truth April 13, 2009 at 9:09 pm

      Why do people follow him?

      For the same reason that I submitted to my former pimps, Neil – lust of the flesh. These pimps appeal to the flesh by promising riches in allegiance to their false prosperity. They also mesmerize their followers with their “lifestyle” (clothing, homes, cars – all because they “have the favor of God” on them), so the sheep want “the anointing that rest on their spiritual father to rest on” them as well.

      It’s a sick relationship, but it feeds on ignorance. I fled the pimps by the grace of God – now I have such a strong gag reflex that I can smell a pimp from 2 counties over. Imagine what would happen if ALL of the sheep everywhere chose God’s Word over the pimps mantras.

  2. 3 Neil April 13, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Speaking Truth, I appreciate your candor and how you are willing to take what you learned to help others. Press on!

  3. 4 young1lookin4thetruth April 14, 2009 at 7:29 am

    “Cashflow and his ilk couldn’t exegete the Word of God if their lives depended on it…”

    That couldn’t be better put. I laughed when I read it but oh does my soul cry for the people who believe this stuff.

  4. 5 Cop April 14, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I remember hearing about the tape several years ago. These guys produced a FAKE tape just to see if they could fool the churches into believing it.

    SEEMS TO WORK ON CREFLO!!! The people who made the tape SAID it was a made up story, I guess CREFLO didnt get that part of the story.

  5. 6 N'Catina April 14, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    I saw this piece on TBN just this past Sunday PLEASE DON’T ASK ME WHY I TURNED TO TBN! That “episode” put me in mind of Mary Baxter, a spiritist that spoke at my former church several years ago with what she considered to be “personal accounts” on what she saw in hell, courtesy of Jesus supposedly coming to her in her sleep and taking her on a 40 day “personal tour” of hell.

    Without knowledge of specific websites noting that particular video to be a hoax, I already knew it was such. This reminds me of the story involving the rich man and Abraham (Luke 16:28 -31). At the time of death for the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man begged Abraham in part to “return” to warn his five brothers of the impending torment he was then suffering. Abraham told him no, saying that Moses and the prophets were all the warning the brothers needed. It lends itself to say that no one from this present world can “cross over” or otherwise have access to heaven or hell, and then come back and give an account.

    I am sure there are other scriptures that address this type of thing. Nonetheless, this latest Creflo Dollar production further demonstrates the high level of deception among us now, to the point that “the very elect” are being pulled away from the truth b/c of such antics.

  6. 7 Cop April 14, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    AND the deepest hole ever dug was in Russia, but only 7.6 miles.

  7. 8 Lavrai April 14, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Desperate (economic) times call for desperate (scheming) measures… I guess.

    The really sad thing is, though, — and another thing for which Mr. Dollar will have to answer for to the GREAT SHEPHERD — many in his congregation likely believed that story without question… and are spreading it as truth as I type this.

    We have to pray, y’all… we have to pray. We can’t help but shake our heads and laugh… but it’s not so funny, really. Delusion is moving like a flood nowadays and those who aren’t standing on the Rock are getting swept away. I don’t know those people who sit in Mr. Dollar’s church, but I love them and I don’t want them to be lost eternally because of some foolish, misguided (I really hope that’s what it is, though I know better) wolf wearing wool.

    After the laughter/disbelief/(insert reaction here), let’s remember to pray that the LORD in HIS infinite mercy and grace will open their eyes and minds, AS HE HAS DONE FOR US ALREADY.

    The days are getting dark, indeed.

    And I know Creflo Dollar and all the others who are (often times badly) seemingly preaching the Gospel for gain… we gotta pray for him, too, Speaking Truth… that the LORD would change him and shake him up… if not to truly surrender it to the LORD, then at least to move him out of the way. I’m sick and tired of these goats messing with the flock. GOD has promised to one day make this separation once and for all, and HE does all things in HIS own perfect time… but that doesn’t mean we can’t pray that this time will come sooner rather than later.


    • 9 speaking truth April 14, 2009 at 4:06 pm

      Amen, Amen, Amen – Lavrai.

      You are absolutely right. This isn’t even “ha ha” funny, it’s sad – and it’s a picture of the delusion that many are under. I join you and everyone who reads this blog (friend or foe) in prayer for the Body. Things are progressing as the Lord said they would occur, and we can’t just smirk at “the lost” and await for our ticket outta here.

      Well said, sister.

  8. 10 Ocean Breeze April 14, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    More and more I am beginning to believe that television is a BAD thing for Christianity in America. If I had to point to two things that have done major damage to the credibility of the church here in the states it would be “televangelism” and the politicization of our faith (yes there are others, but these two always come to me first).

    I can’t even believe Dollar would present something like this to his congregation. What is worse is millions of people outside of his congregation got to witness it. How many people struggling with their faith in Christ will see something like this and finally break? It is idiotic things like this the make a mockery of Christ and His sincere followers.

    We all have a responsibility. It is great for us to come together in the blogsphere and call these things out. We must also make sure we are praying for guidance and reaching out to the lost in our communities. Lord knows they need to see an alternative to these talking heads on “Christian” television.

  9. 11 DMac April 15, 2009 at 5:32 am

    What I don’t quite understand, is that fact that he knows what he is saying is a blatant lie, he surely must know that people have already debunked this story and he knows that one day he will be held accountable for the damage he is doing to the body. So that consequently must mean that he is either incredibly naive or an absolutely stupid.

    He must have a whole host of yesmen around him or people who go through these types of scams with a fine toothcomb, to see if they are subtle enough to pass as truths. It therefore beggers belief that his people would allow him, to not only read this story to his congregation, but also act out and in part fabricate this internet scam. To make it seem as though it’s some kind of reality.

    He has really dropped the ball on this one, even by his ridiculous standards.

  10. 12 MikeyA April 15, 2009 at 11:46 am

    The message in today’s seeker-sensitive churches is not about God anymore. It’s about self. It’s about popularity. It’s about not offending anyone. It’s about $$$. And Creflo Dollar among many others have bought into it.

    “In their greed these false teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.” (2PETER 2:3)

    It’s amazing how the Bible speaks such truth!

    … MikeyA

  11. 13 Lady D April 15, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    This is indeed sad. But part 2 will come shortly, because now that the whole world knows that Creflo has told the biggest untruth. he will have his spin masters working overtime to spiritualize his fib. He will find a way to explain it without taking responsibility-and the con game continues~

  12. 14 Eyeswideopen April 15, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    As a recent subscriber to your blog,(I’m a former memeber of NBS, back when the “CEO” was truly humble and seemed to be sincere about the things of God). I left in 05 when I went to pick up my then minor child from a “youth night” and walked in to what looked and sounded like a night club, smoke machine and all!). So out of curiousity I happened upon your site because I wanted to know the truth about NBS’s name change and discovered you!
    I am someone who has been a lover of truth BC (before Christ) and after. Unfortunately, this heresy with Mr. Dollar does not surprise me. Has he ever heard of Google? All I can say is, Lord have mercy on the body of Christ which is my sincere prayer. As Jerimiah weeped for, but proclaimed the truth to Isreal, I pray that you will continue to do the same. We who know the truth must be prepared to defend the true word at all costs.

    Blessing to you and yours.

    Ps I must admitt, seeing God’s end-time word manifested is sometimes soreal!

    • 15 speaking truth April 15, 2009 at 10:38 pm

      Glory to God, Eyeswideopen. I wish I had as much sense as you had to recognize that my former pimp was a false teacher back in 2005, but God is sovereign and it was His will that I remained in delusion long enough to cry out for Him.

      I agree – it is rather humbling to see God’s Word being manifested before our eyes. Now more than ever we must watch and pray…

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