Minstrels In The Pulpit


I’ve written previously about the need for serious biblical teaching from pulpits today. For too long, the church has been “entertained” by flashy showmen who have the stage presence of a Broadway performer and the speaking cadence of Muhammad Ali in his prime (you know, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”…).

The bottom line is this: there are too many minstrels in the pulpit today.

Call me a stoic legalist if you wish, but you can hardly distinguish the pulpit of the church from a stage in a nightclub these days. While the sheep are rolling in the aisle laughing at the minstrel’s latest joke (based on a movie he saw last night) or nodding their heads in agreement with the blatant scripture-twisting that goes unchallenged because of the lack of biblical astuteness in the pews, their souls continue to lack the very meat of the Word of God that can sustain them during perilous times.

I know, I know…the sheep are supposed to read the Word BEFORE they get to church, but since they rely SOLELY on the minstrel to “feed them”, they end up starving – and many of them don’t even know it.

I have become an ardent supporter of expository preaching, specifically because expository preaching is different from topical preaching in that it concentrates on a specific text and discusses topics covered therein. Conversely, topical preaching concentrates on a specific topic and references texts covering that (or those) topic(s).

There is nothing wrong with topical preaching, or even narrative storytelling for that matter – even Jesus spoke in parables when encountering those who couldn’t understand the clarity of His Gospel message. My concern, however, is that most minstrels use topical preaching or storytelling to support their flawed eisigesis (generally taking half a verse from various parts of the bible to support their personal philosophy) instead of exegeting the text by succinctly and objectively uncovering what God has already said about a matter.

I can hear the minstrel’s ardent supporters now:

“My pastor is relevant. He preaches on current events so that we can apply the Word in our daily lives”

So a pastor should preach a “relevant” sermon using popular movies as the foundation of his text so you can see the relevance of the Gospel in your everyday life?

“That deep preaching takes too long. Pastor says you don’t have to be deep to get the Word in your heart”

No, your pastor wants to entertain you and then get you out of the “sanctuary” because he has 2 more services he has to “preach”. He doesn’t want to “get too deep” because (in most cases) he can’t. He doesn’t want you to learn the Word so that you can be sustained by God alone, he wants you to get “just enough” so that he can sustain you from week to week. So rather than taking several months to walk through the Book of Job verse by verse, he introduces a new topic every Sunday and Wednesday (supported by 1 or 2 scriptures taken out of context).

“You gotta go to seminary to learn how to get deep like that, and pastor said that ‘seminary ain’t nothing but a cemetary’! Our spiritual daddy was called to ministry by Apostle Jones, and he speaks what God puts in his heart!”

No, your pastor has (yet again) puffed up his own “street credentials” by completely dismissing formal seminary study. While seminary attendance doesn’t make you “more holy”, it does school you in important aspects of study and structure of ministry service. In fact, courses like Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Systematic Theology and others are vital components of any teaching preachers experiences.

Tim Challis beautifully sums up the heart of expository preaching by stating (emphasis added):

Traditionally Protestant churches have focused on expository preaching in which pastors would seek to exposit the Word of God to their congregations. They would often preaching through a book of the Bible verse-by-verse, seeking to illuminate the words of the text to their congregation and then apply the Scripture to their lives. The greatest benefit to expository preaching is that it forces a pastor to open his heart before God and allow Scripture to change him. Every week he must dig deeply into the Bible to see what it truly says in a given passage. When research and exegesis is done properly, it is difficult to present false teachings.

Yeah, it’s hard to lie on God when His Word is clearly laid out for all to see.

Having said all of that, I present these videos to highlight a few sound expository preachers (I know, these videos are not as exciting as those of your local minstrel, but these teachers painstakenly present the core of the Word):

Are you still awake? Have you opened another tab and started cruising another blog while playing the videos above? Alright, alright – since you want to be entertained, here are a few minstrels to keep you awake:

Please note, I am not against reverently expressive worship sessions. I am, however, against empty emotionalism that comes from the pulpit. The lady sitting next to you in church can scream and roll all over the floor while singing Peaches & Herb’s classic hit “Reunited” all she wants – she’s not the elder who is accountable for the flock.

The elder, however must be soberly vigilant to ensure that he presents the mystery of the Gospel as though he will be accountable for the souls of the sheep in his care – because he will! An elder cannot rely on his “showmanship” to teach the word:

1 Corinthians 2:1-5 (New American Standard Bible)

1And when I came to you, brethren, I (A)did not come with superiority of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you (B)the [a]testimony of God.

 2For I determined to know nothing among you except (C)Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

 3I was with you in (D)weakness and in (E)fear and in much trembling,

 4and my message and my preaching were (F)not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of (G)the Spirit and of power,

 5so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on (H)the power of God. 

The sheep must not rest on the flawed “wisdom” of a preacher – the preacher should simply open up the Word of God and preach it as it is. The minstrels in the pulpit should stop relying on their keen ability to entertain, and start relying on the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you sit under a minstrel who likes to keep serving milk on Sundays and Wednesdays (Hebrews 5:13), then you might need to find a sound bible teacher who is serving the true meat of the Word (Hebrews 5:14).

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  • 30 Responses to “Minstrels In The Pulpit”

    1. 1 Vaughn March 19, 2009 at 10:28 pm

      Okay, I’ll go

      I thought that this was/is agood thought provoking article, especially the part about

      “their flawed eisigesis (generally taking half a verse from various parts of the bible to support their personal philosophy) instead of exegeting the text by succinctly and objectively uncovering what God has already said about a matter.”

      You really pulled the covers of those that like to play on the emotions of the unlearned and gullible, hopfully this will guide a few more from the parlor tricks of the hirelings to the God of the bible.

      Eisigesis? Is this a new word? because I don’t remember hearing it till here of late. I really don’t like being in environments where people will tell you too much of what they think, instead of what The Word of The Lord says! This seems to be prevalent in christendom.

      Another reason to be like the Bereans, who searched the scriptures daily to see if what they heard was so!

      Do what you do

    2. 4 Vaughn March 19, 2009 at 11:07 pm

      Thanks for the follow-up, and would like to know your favorite resource for parallel passages? I do have a Stong’s Concordance as well as a good bible (Thompson chain ref.) in that bible it does have some p.p. but I would prefer more.

      Now checking those other articles, I read & saved that differences page.

    3. 6 hiscrivener March 20, 2009 at 7:14 am


      OK, look. You know how I feel about you but you have been completely stepping your game up. I don’t know if you have prayed for deeper revelation or just been eating your Wheaties.

      But from minstrels to the credit crunch to a certain pimp who can’t seem to pay his bills, you have become less of a concerned soul and more of an investigative reporter.

      And I am so digging it.

      Thought-provoking and ripping the veil right off those fools who seek to kill, steal and destroy the integrity of the pulpit and some of those in it.

      Keep this stuff up brother. Much respect and love.


      • 7 speaking truth March 20, 2009 at 3:14 pm


        I’d rather think that I am an even more concerned soul – especially as I see how the world is devolving daily. I’ve comitted to turn this blog into a “NO BS” zone for 2009, so I’m just doing my job.

        Oh, and I don’t eat breakfast – just drink lots of coffee…maybe that explains it…

    4. 8 AndyB March 20, 2009 at 8:18 am

      Very good post, IST! Most of the minstrel-defending responses you listed I heard in the last “club” I was in, usually from the stage.. err… pulpit itself, especially the old “seminary is a cemetery” one-liner. The only thing I’d take issue with is the last sentence:

      “If you sit under a minstrel who likes to keep serving milk on Sundays and Wednesdays…”

      Serving milk implies that you’re at least teaching *some* foundational truth from Scripture accurately. The “milk” that most of these chuckleheads are serving is so soured, it’s more like cottage cheese! … Green, fuzzy cottage cheese at that!

      Before God led me out of that “club”, I volunteered for the “sermon research team” briefly. The pastor would send out an email Saturday morning saying what the topic was going to be for Sunday and what passage(s) he was going to be speaking from. He didn’t want other scripture references or exegesis of the passage or anything (not that any of us knew anything of sound interpretation, only having his eisegesis as an example). No, he wanted illustrations, jokes, articles, statistics or movie clips to re-enforce what *he* wanted to talk about.

      Looking back, I have to laugh.. if just to keep from crying.

      • 9 Rebecca March 23, 2009 at 10:07 am

        Instead of milk…cottage cheese
        Maybe “cotton candy” is a better comparison. Sweet to the taste, but evaporates immediately … because it contains no substance. Never fills … never satisfies. If you eat to much … you become sick 😦

    5. 10 Messenger Beloved March 20, 2009 at 9:33 am

      I haven’t read the entire writing yet because I wanted to get this thought out before it escaped me. In regards to what you said here, and I quote, “or nodding their heads in agreement with the blatant scripture-twisting that goes unchallenged because of the lack of biblical astuteness in the pews…” Last year I was at a conference and the “prophet” said something so erronerous about a conversation Job had with God. My youngest lad, age 8 at the time, was laying in my lap and when he heard it, he IMMEDIATELY sat up and yelled out, “THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH!” And I said, AMEN!

      Of course, everyone’s attention was in our corner and NOT ONE PASTOR upheld the affirmation that came out of the mouth of my child. I have taught my children that if it is not the truth, do not be in agreement with it. They see me confronting lies and liars all the time and they at tender ages of 9 and 10 will quickly say, THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH…YOU ARE LYING! Needless to say, the “prophet” looked at us, was quiet for a few seconds and continue with his LIE. When my son saw that he was not being acknowledged, he said to me, “But Mom…Job never said that to God!”

      What is coming from and across the pulpit is totally abhorring in many places…this is why I’ve made my Holy Altar at the foot of my bed. Selah!


      • 11 speaking truth March 20, 2009 at 3:18 pm

        Matthew 21:15-16 (New American Standard Bible)

        15 But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that He had done, and the children who were shouting in the temple, “Hosanna to the (A)Son of David,” they became indignant

        16 and said to Him, “Do You hear what these children are saying?” And Jesus said to them, “Yes; have you never read, ‘(B)OUT OF THE MOUTH OF INFANTS AND NURSING BABIES YOU HAVE PREPARED PRAISE FOR YOURSELF’?”

        Sometimes kids just get it, Messenger Beloved. Maybe your son can write a few articles on this blog 🙂

    6. 12 Lady D March 20, 2009 at 12:15 pm

      Love it!!! Minstrels in the pulpit!
      Paul W., Voddie B., John P. and John M., are true men of God with the Word of life on their lips. The minstrels on the other hand have nothing of everlasting value to give.
      Bloomer has a church full of women. Calling all the singles ladies and they start gyrating in their seats – nuff said
      Love is singing to the women, and you would think that they were at a concert-thanks goodness underwear was not flying around the room – nuff said
      Nita plays on the emotions of women and feminized men – nuff said
      And Crowder is a weirdo freak show – nuff said
      This is not intended to offend women, I’m one-this shows that we all need turn off the tv, hang up the phone and study and obey God’s Word.
      Lady D~

    7. 13 Ken March 20, 2009 at 1:15 pm

      You just hit on my number one pet peeve. I hear so many messages these days that completely ignore the plain meaning of the text. In Nehemiah chapter 8 we have the perfect pattern for sound preaching/teaching. Ezra opened the book, read from the book, and then gave the sense or meaning of what he had just read. He wasn’t concerned with trying to be relevant he just told them what GOD said. One of the worst examples of eisigesis I have ever seen was perpetrated by “Bishop” George Bloomer himself. I actually heard him say once that when Mary met Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt at the sound of Mary’s voice, wait for it….you ready…..that the baby in Elizabeth’s womb was DEAD! He actually said the baby was stillborn, just hanging there lifeless!And that the baby came to life when Mary spoke. Where did he get that, was it in the text? No, it only existed in his rather fertile imagination. And sadder still the audience ate it up, whooping and hollering, because the “mand of gawd” had given them such a deep revelation! It amazes me that we are SO biblically illiterate. As a minister it truly vexes my spirit when I hear someone break the scripture, twist the scripture and try to make it say something it doesn’t say. And sadder still when I have pointed this out to my friends after someone does this I am often told I take things too seriously, and should just get in the “flow” of God. Or that I’m being judgemental. I always remind them that we are to be fruit inspectors. I don’t know these pulpit pimps, but I have the right, no the responsibility to examine EVERYTHING they teach. Just like those to whom I preach have the same right and responsiblity. As for you my brother? As Vaughn said, DO WHAT YOU DO! Sola Scriptura.

      • 14 speaking truth March 20, 2009 at 3:24 pm


        Don’t get me started on The Right Rotund Bishop George Bloomer – another man-made bishop in a denomination that appeared out of thin air. Bloomer has been entertaining the sheep for a few years now – helped by the exposure of Master Marketer Pimp Eddie Long.

        Check out Bloomer impersonating a baby coming out of the womb at my former plantation, led by the Pimp of Hampton:

        Needless to say, Bloomer’s flawed exegesis doesn’t surprise me one bit. But hey, at least he’s funny…right?

        • 15 N'Catina March 20, 2009 at 4:13 pm

          Bloomer? My goodness, he had me rolling in the isles laughing at one point or another; that was until I finally came to my senses and left him, and others of that ilk alone.

          Yes, this man is more well known for his antics. This was especially true with all of the “stories” of whenever he would travel to PA, he would always mention that the area has an existing “territorial demonic influence” that had to be fought. Apparently, the people of PA weren’t doing our jobs in praying hard enough for not having such a thing move forward in the first place.

          As a matter of fact, this also puts me in the mind of “Apostle” Kim Daniels (out of FL) who seems to be Bloomer’s parallel minus some of the theatrics.

          • 16 speaking truth March 20, 2009 at 5:22 pm

            N’Catina – don’t get me started with Bloomer and his “territorial demons” that only he can make flee.

            If you think the “birthing” video was funny, check out The Right Rotund Bishop George Bloomer talking about frying a chicken that was supposed to be used for a voodoo ceremony (I kid you not, just listen to this absurd story).

            I can’t help but think of the Word of the Lord:

            Romans 10:15 (New American Standard Bible

            15How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “(A)HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO (B)BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!”

            We know that the Word of the Lord is true, so that can only mean that these minstrels must have really ugly feet!

        • 17 N'Catina March 22, 2009 at 10:38 am

          I checked out the “rubber band” story….it’s a wonder the band could fit any portion of Bloomer’s head. 😆

    8. 18 BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet March 20, 2009 at 4:35 pm

      Hi there!

      As a minister, I have watched a lot of shenanigans in the pulpit.

      An M.Div. does not grant anyone “instant” spiritual maturity.

      What you are experiencing many times are those who have academic credentials an NO REAL relationship or intimacy with Christ so they always have to use secular references because THEY are secular… there are those who have no anointing so they “try” to create the appearance of an anointing of the Holy Spirit by generating emotionalism.

      Once, I was at a service and a lady faked a fainting spell….the preacher stopped, rolled his eyes and asked the deacons to help her up. I am GLAD he handled it that way. Many others would have ceased the moment, started jumping up and down acting like something supernatural has occurred.

      Bottom line…the sheep need to read the Bible for themselves, KNOW what God’s word says and KNOW what it does not say…and send complaints to the preacher who wastes the preaching hour with shenanigans. Send a letter of complaint and COPY the Bishop and the denomination head on your letter! Believe me, that will have an impact when those letters start arriving with regularity…

      People tolerate too much nonsense in the church setting… ALL are accountable for the foolishness in the church… ALL!

      • 19 speaking truth March 20, 2009 at 5:29 pm

        I agree with your overall assessment, BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet. As you’ve said in other comment threads – all of this mess would cease (well, at least most of it) if the sheep would read the bible for themselves.

        I do take issue with one part of your comment, however:

        and send complaints to the preacher who wastes the preaching hour with shenanigans. Send a letter of complaint and COPY the Bishop and the denomination head on your letter! Believe me, that will have an impact when those letters start arriving with regularity…

        Many of us have sent letters, spoken with leadership, and tried to meet with the pastor directly and have been shunned away. And my brother over at GCMWatch has detailed the continual plight of COGIC ignoring all manner of evil within their denomination.

        The bottom line is to try to say something to somebody, but do it on your way out of the door 0 never to return to such foolishness.

    9. 20 GaryV March 21, 2009 at 12:46 am

      Piper………MacArthur……..Washer……Expository Preachers.

      Bloomer…….Bynum……….Crowder…..Suppository Preachers.

      Can the difference be any more stark??

      • 21 Vaughn March 21, 2009 at 12:37 pm

        My retention isn’t what it once was GaryV, but knowing that the dictionary is my friend, no thanks to the visual.

        Suppository -a solid but readily meltable cone or cylinder of usually medicated material for insertion into a bodily passage or cavity (as the rectum)

        Ointment or suppository?
        No thanks I’ll deal with the pain!

    10. 22 Michael Pharr March 21, 2009 at 7:21 pm

      Man I was in the barber shop today and I was thinking about this post and I was thinking about doing a post along the same lines, but on a more personal level and this song by Flame (a gospel rapper signed to Cross Movement Records). It’s from his debut LP title: Flame. I think it speaks specifically to this topic.

      Give us the Truth
      Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
      Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
      Performed by: FLAME

      Verse 1: All I ever wanted was to know the truth/ Seeking
      Jesus at 16 meaning my middle youth/ Man I really
      hungered and had this inner thirst/ Absurd the thought of
      me even missin’ a day of church/ Man it felt like heaven,
      especially Bible study/ I had my Bible pen and pad sittin’
      next to my buddies/ the Word had us open especially
      certain verses/ spendin’ hours in worship man it just felt so
      perfect/ and then after the service out on the parking lot/
      laughin’ and rappin’ for hours afterwards we talked a lot/
      felt like your second family for me felt like my first/ we lost
      our ties when my grandmother died I kept in hurt/
      remember certain ministers inspired you to learn/ you had
      anxiety inside and just waitin’ your turn/ people announce
      they callin’ jumpin’ and shoutin’/ that dun dunt dun dunt it
      was so arousin’

      Hook: Give us the truth that’s what we need/ lying leaders
      been deceivin’ us since we were seeds/ Give us the truth
      that’s what we need/ Teachers and preachers teach us the
      things that set us free/ Give us the truth that’s what we
      need/ Parents teach us bout Jesus before we get older/
      Give us the truth that’s what we need/ Sin is spreading and
      the world is getting colder

      Verse 2: Then that first year progressed and turned into
      five/ learning so much and I’m comin’ in touch closer with
      God/ some things were gettin’ sticky I mean real sticky/ I’m
      trippin’ I’m wonderin’ was Jesus even really with me/ Man
      I felt numb meanin’ I lost my feelin’/ People standin’,
      dancin’, liftin’ hands while I was chillin’/ no longer loved
      the sermons felt like I wasn’t learnin’/ the topics taught on
      weren’t touchin’ my inner yearnings/ and then some
      behavior seemed like counterfeit revival/ I looked for
      Scriptures that supported this off in the Bible/ yet I couldn’t
      find it I felt blinded/ I thought it was a demon in error I tried
      to bind it/ but nothin’ happened here comes depression
      maybe when they threw the Holy Spirit that I didn’t catch
      Him/ did I miss my blessin’? Felt unprotected/ in the midst
      of a war scarred without my weapon


      Verse 3: Then I left St. Louis on a tour with Cross
      Movement/ and who would have knew it these dudes have
      also been through it/ I shared my brokenness feelings of
      hopelessness/ for so long faked my emotions no one even
      noticed it/ yet it was obvious God in His providence/ put me
      with people to guide me and got me outta this/ and then my
      other brother T.R.U.T.H. began to share the same/ I almost
      wept I saw the steps it took to bear the name/ without truth
      left me in utter confusion, without truth left me with subtle
      delusions, without truth no longer fought to win/ without
      truth drove me back into sin/ the depth of this journey can’t
      be described in words/ this is just the tip of the iceberg/ but
      from now until my death this is what I’ll do/ I’m learning
      standing and I’ll fight for truth

    11. 23 Michael Pharr March 21, 2009 at 7:24 pm

      BTW, here is Give Us the Truth part 2 that Flame did from his sophomore album title: Rewind, as he gave more details about the struggles he had because of false teachers. PS: Sorry so long about the posts.

      Give Us The Truth, part 2

      Verse 1: After the Platinum Souls Tour I did with Crossmovement/ I said my good byes cause I had to fly back St. Louis/ I left the tour early for my first semester in school/ I was exposed to so much truth that I had to chose/ between what I had learned and what I was taught to do/ at my church home my zone I was so confused/ that first Sunday morning back it was like cultural shock/ watching the shepherd and sheep explode like a soda pop/ that had been shaken they shaken over these shiesty sermons/ people spitin’ and shoutin’ but nobody’s discernin’/ I left the building my feelings were crushed I felt forsaken/ the one place I was suppose to come for restoration/ and worship of a Holy God and exalt Him in praises/ spent the whole prayer time rebuking at Satan/ spent the whole sermon time just talking about money/ while I was dying inside and spiritually hungry

      Hook: Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone properly teach/ if we gone seek and we gone properly reach/ Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone carry our cross/ if we gone effectively disciple the lost/ Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need if we gone walk up on holiness and boldness and meek and lowliness/ Give us the Truth/ That’s what we need in this race we running proper lessons as we wait for His 2nd coming

      Verse 2: I left the crib moved into the dorms/ so depressed that I ventured in porn/ it was a crazy thing/I felt a disconnect from Jesus’ arms so I ceased to write these rhythms and poems/ to disobey the King/ I told my teachers that I was living in sin/ and my Bible I’d never read it again/ and threw it in the closet/ and anything that had to do with God Marcus T. he was doing the opposite/ as a lifestyle/ I called Phanatik and Tonic on the cell/ and said from ministry that I was gonna chill/ cause I was in no position/ to minister to anybody at all cause I wasn’t sure if I was a Christian/ at that moment dawg I started skippin’ classes/ hangin’ with the masses/ and my days were black and gray like cigarette ashes/ all I know is that I wanted to die/ but suicide meant meeting the God that I thought forsook me


      Verse 3: But it was obvious/ God in His providence/ put me with people to guide me and got me out of this/ during a chapel service a cat name Paul Washer/ preach the gospel and drove me onto the Lord’s altar/ and I confess my sin/ and He pressed reset again/ I started over/ and felt like a soldier for Jehovah/ I called my old pastor and apologized for how I behaved/ but as of that day we agreed to go our separate ways/ met this girl named Beth who told me about her church home/ first I’d visit/ became a member/ and then it was on/ then the pastor gave me a stack of books/ now I’m back with raps and hooks/ took a summer and spent 300 dollars/ on tapes and books and learned from these Biblical scholars/ now I’m back and I’m walking in light livin’ my life glorifying Jesus the Christ


    12. 24 Pat March 22, 2009 at 11:47 am

      I just watched that Bloomer video to Beyonce…What?!!!
      So many start out with good intentions.I remember a preacher said what causes preachers to error lust of the eyes/flesh and the pride of life but he made reference to a piece of pie with each of these.
      Again I say what?

    13. 25 terry, ornament of his grace March 24, 2009 at 5:16 pm

      There is a lot of truth in this post. I’ve spent my life listening to minstrels and the church we now attend (predominantly black church, 1900 members)is a breath of fresh air. I have a family member who once said she doesn’t see how we can stand that church. “It’s boring.” I was surprised by her assessment. And the worship, in my opinion, can really stand a few more hymns and bible based songs. But the teaching is sound. our pastor doesn’t put on minstrel show.

      Oh yes, George Bloomer spoke at our church about 5 years ago. But he hasn’t been back. Ms. Bynum spoke there about 6 years ago. She hasn’t been back either. For a while we had a steady stream of Black celebrity preachers. However, our pastor stopped inviting them. Word is that he is no longer intereated in finding speakers to fill the pews that way. Our church is one where the word is now center stage. I can honestly say that I do not miss any of those poeple. And my husband certainly doesn’t. He hated when they showed up. Sometimes he wuldn’t even go to the service.

    14. 26 mel March 25, 2009 at 7:22 am

      Bored with such awesome teachers as Paul Washer, John Macarthur, John Piper? Hardly! I sit riveted to their words. I am so sick of “relevant” and “entertaining” preaching, sometimes I want to stand up and shout WILL YOU JUST GET ON WITH IT PLEEASE. What is the second man’s name who talks about the student with the philosophy question? His preaching is hard hitting and I would like to hear more. America has some of the worst preachers I have ever seen eg:John Crowder,Todd Bentley, but you also have some of the best who are truly called by God and understand the great responsibility that goes along with their position. Thanks for the excellent post IST and may the Lord Bless You and your work.

      • 27 speaking truth March 25, 2009 at 9:52 am


        The gentleman in the 2nd video is Dr. Voddie Baucham, and awesome TRUE man of God from Spring, TX who has been described as “the evangelical’s intellectual”. I am often called a “sell-out” and “Uncle Tom” because I embrace white expository preachers, so as a black man I can appreciate his quest for pure doctrine – and I know there are many other non-famous black expository preachers across the globe. Unfortunately, hirelings like Cashflow Dollar, Pimp Eddie Longmoney and other’s cast a long and erroneous shadow.

    15. 28 mel March 25, 2009 at 6:08 pm

      Thanks so much, just listened to the podcast “The Centrality of the Home” Amazing, had me in tears and repentance of how I have been looking at motherhood and my children. It is really hard to find expository preachers, Pastor Baucham is a truley gifted preacher/teacher, the way he divides the Word could only be by the Spirit of God.Looking forward to listenening to some more, better buy a few more boxes of tissues LOL

      • 29 speaking truth March 25, 2009 at 6:19 pm

        mel – I’ve spent the day marveling at God’s sovereignty…in tears.

        Just use a towel like I do 🙂

        • 30 escapeetoo March 25, 2009 at 10:22 pm

          “How dare I take His breath” (God’s)…”If you borrow something and don’t return…that’s stealing”

          That excerpt from Dr. Voddie Baucham haunts me! No Hoop or Weezing just real preaching. An All Powerful and Sovereign God, yet I am still here typing. WOW

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