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After fleeing the “Lakeland Revival Apostasy Circus” in August, Todd “the Tool of Satan” Bentley has reemerged from the soot of his hellish cave to confirm that he is an adulterer who is leaving his wife for the nanny of his children. Gee, you mean a lying, con artist, and false prophet broke his marriage vows? Get outta here!

Offbeat Evangelist Seeking Counseling

TAMPA – Todd Bentley, an atypical evangelist who drew thousands to a series of summer revivals in Lakeland, plans to divorce his wife amid revelations that he is romantically involved with the nanny of his children, according to his ministry.

Bentley is resolute in seeking a divorce from his wife, Shonnah, amid “his increased familiarity with a female staff member” during the revival in Lakeland, the letter states. “Todd admits to being 100 percent responsible for the divorce.

The tattooed and body-pierced preacher has not seen his estranged wife or his children since July

As I stated in a previous post, keeping this degenerate blasphemer from her and her kids is probably one of the best moves the soon-to-be former wife could make! Even those in his “ministry” have decided that they couldn’t cover for this demonic tool any longer. ***sidenote – they stood and watched while he slaughtered the Word of God and captivated and deceived hundreds of thousands of people, but they draw the line at boozing and womanizing…moving along…***

And you folks in Fort Mill, South Carolina better buckle your seat belts because (according to his former ministry) the devil is moving to your community to throw some soot around!

Todd “the tool” even reached out to one of the pastors who threw his church doors open in Lakeland recently, defending himself against what his (former) ministry accused him of:

But Strader said Bentley told him he did not have a problem with alcohol as described by the board’s letter. He said Bentley admitted he had gotten drunk in the weeks he was in Lakeland, but the incidents were isolated and he has resolved not to drink again.

“He was apologetic for the harm he caused to us and the body of Christ. … (But) he told me, ‘I’m not an alcoholic,’” Strader said. (source).

Did “the tool” apologize for how he butchered God’s Word in order to deceive the masses? Nah…but he sure is sorry he threw a few back to unwind after all of those rousing Apostasy-Palooza’s.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Todd Bently is a minion of Satan who has been sent to deceive the sheep and lure them away from Christ and His Word. He is a demoniclying deceiver whose con job on the Body of Christ will resonate for years to come. As the Lord wills, he will pay for every assault he purported against God.

And for all of you who have a problem with my frank assessment of Todd “the tool” – I could care less. This imp’s black heart is evidenced by the words that fall from his lying lips, and I will call “BS” on this demon every chance that God affords me the opportunity.

So if you don’t like it, then kick rocks (that means “keep it moving”).

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  1. 1 anointedvessel December 10, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    I read there statement and am quite frankly appalled that they even went as far as writing a statement for him. He is a grown man, he should have written a statement for himself. This statement was very verbose and overly explanatory, it skirted the main issue. That issue being, the whole board of directors lacked discernment from the very beginning. This guy was a walking disaster and they totally missed it.
    This clown was abusive, inappropriate, taught outside the realms of accepted theological principals, and a whole host of other no no’s. This was an example of what happens when you set off a loose cannon in a church full of innocent people looking for genuine help. Instead they got kicked, stomped, pushed on the ground, imparted with spirits, sprinkled with glitter, and convinced they were having a spiritual encounters when they were being literally overcome emotionally, demonically (in some cases), or were beginning to dissociate because of the unhealthy environment mentally. And what type of restoration are they talking, if he refuses to return to his wife? He is an adulterer for heavens sake, boot him out of the pulpit! Boom! ain’t that his favorite word

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