Your Pastor Wants You To Have Great Sex!


OK, I’ll try to write this story without giggling like a 3rd grader. I’ll try, but it just amuses me to see how some pastors deny the power of the Word of God.

“How”, you ask?

By refusing to stand flat-footed and preach expositorily, some pastors instead attempt to market God’s eternal truth in a “seeker sensitive/relevant” package so that the debased mind can understand it – because the Word of God just isn’t “sexy” enough on it’s own…which leads us to today’s example:

Texas pastor to issue 7-day sex challenge

Associated Press

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DALLAS — The pastor of a megachurch says he will challenge married congregants during his sermon Sunday to have sex for seven straight days — and he plans to practice what he preaches.

“We’re going to give it a try,” said the Rev. Ed Young, who has four children with his wife of 26 years.

Young, 47, said he believes society promotes promiscuity and he wants to reclaim sex for married couples. Sex should be a nurturing, spiritual act that strengthens marriages, he said.

“God says sex should be between a married man and a woman,” Young said. “I think it’s one of the greatest things you can do for your kids because so goes the marriage, so goes the family.”

Young said he will deliver his seven-day sex challenge while sitting on a bed in front of his Dallas-area church campus.

Let me be clear – I am a happily married man who enjoys my vibrant relationship with my wife in every way. I don’t have a problem with a pastor who tastefully exegetes the Word of God so that married couples understand God’s plan for their sex lives.

That said, why would Ed Young deliver this message from a bed…in front of his church? I’ll tell you why, because that makes his “sermon” more provocative – and it reduces it to a cheap David Blain-like circus stunt.

I urge you to listen carefully to RC Sproul (a REAL expository preacher) explain the fallacy of the seeker-sensitive movement, and how it does not replace God’s eternal truth through His unadulterated Word:

What’s next: Jamal “The Pimp of Baltimore” and Zane the Erotic Author teaming up again to teach from a queen sized bed?

22 Responses to “Your Pastor Wants You To Have Great Sex!”

  1. 1 John November 13, 2008 at 9:04 am

    The issue here is not the content (for the most part). It’s just as you said; Pastors are using this type stuff to lure people to church. Bait & switch however, when they DO come to church, they just get more of the same. When is the Gospel presented? When & how do these ‘seekers’ get saved? The mindset behind this marketing of church is that if we make church look like the world, people will come. They’re right. People WILL come. It’s like a carnival side-show. The problem is what they ‘experience’ (another seeker buzz-word) when they get there.

    When you confront a Pastor or church about these silly attempts at ‘doing church’, they cry LEGALIST! They defend all their topical ‘How To’ messages by pointing to the few verses they throw into it to justify it as biblical.

    Message to these churches: Quit playing games and get back to the preaching the Word. This is what Christ demands.


  2. 2 Brian Foulks November 13, 2008 at 10:35 am

    All I can say is WOW…But RC Sproul hit it dead on the head.

  3. 3 Bro Peter November 13, 2008 at 11:05 am

    It is very interesting how fast the Church is getting away from the bible and using the things of the world to please Christians.

    I BELIEVE 100% that if I am TRULY SUBMITTING to GOD like I should be then everything else will fall into place. Sex is very important in a marraige, but at the sime time it does not need to preached over the pulpit, there are folks in the church who are not married and then now they think they can do it too. Also it seperates the congregation and tells the single folks that you just do you for the week. I am married but I know many singles who feel like they are put down because there is so much for married folks inside the church.

    The sex talks are ok within certain setting I could see if this was a MARRAGIE CONFRENCE or the Pastor had something for the MARRIED people at the church. But on the flip side you should have something similar for the singles that takes them and explains being pure before marrige. We divide the Church when we say ONLY anybody.

    That goes for Only Married folks, only preachers, only deacan, only choir memebers no wonder the church is so divided. The more CHRIST is preached the more people will come together.

    I kind of rambled a little bit there

    God Bless YA

  4. 4 LaVrai November 13, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Hi, there. He was on one of the national morning shows today… and I didn’t watch, but sharing the link in case you want to add or review…

  5. 5 Pastor Jim November 13, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Good note there. I’ll have to get my sexy sermon series ready for 09…

    One thing I hope doesn’t get lost in this sort of conversation: pastors need to speak expositorily to everyday people in everyday language. Expository preaching isn’t lecturing like some seminary prof. Good expository preaching isn’t a side show, but it BETTER apply to real life. Jesus preached with lots of illustrations!

    And I’m a little miffed at RC for downplaying reaching out to the lost – and I’ve told him and his associate pastor so . I think we should use reasonable means of getting out the message of the gospel. If you are curious on my views, I was interviewed about marketing the church in our denom’s magazine.

    So let’s preach the word, but not make and shoot straw men of other pastors who reach into our media savvy culture.

  6. 6 speaking truth November 13, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Pastor Jim,

    First – thanks for the link to the article on you and Crosspoint. Very interesting reading. I applaud you for reaching out to the community the way you did, particularly because you didn’t compromise the core Gospel message to appease the community. Unfortunately, some of your fellow travelers who head churches don’t act as prudently, and they package the message to appeal to the masses. I mean, how is God being glorified in “crunk youth services” and other “relevant” mess?

    I sincerely believe in the spreading of the Gospel message (and I have a Marketing degree and an MBA) – it just grieves me to see God’s eternal truth being reduced to an afterthought on the road to packed pews and “relevant ministry”.

  7. 7 CiCi November 14, 2008 at 2:05 am


    This has long been a topic of interest for me. I have belonged to and served in a couple of churches where this issue. I don’t think that either one had much success with it. The major motivation for them was to increase the “numbers” of people in attendance and ultimately members. There was a constant looking at what other churches with large attendance numbers were doing and trying to emulate their practices. Less and less emphasis was placed upon discipleship, caring for the people, and serving and truly worshipping the Lord.

    I’ll never forget that my pastor in the last church that I attended before moving to the east coast several years ago used to frequently comment that “we don’t design our services for visitors or sinners, although they are always welcome”. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I do now. Those were truly some of the most meaningful worship services that I ever attended — the emphasis was on worshipping God and the messages were centered on His Word and being conformed to the image of Christ.

    Thanks for the post. I think this is a topic that the church needs to really give some setious thought and discussion.

  8. 8 gcmwatch November 15, 2008 at 10:20 am

    This seemed to be more of a publicity stunt than true concern that the sexual relationships of the men and women of God were healthy and holy.

    How did the media find out? And why?

    The bible tells the older women to teach the younger women about these things, not the pastor on a bed where imagery is sensuality seeded into peoples minds. And what woman wants her husband to be the object of some other womans sexual desire? Certainly the pastor is putting himself in that position with the whole preach from a bed dramatization.

    I agree with CiCi, the church has cast off its core identity and is now trying to keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps they havent realized what the Joneses are doing are leading them away from God.

  9. 9 Valerie November 18, 2008 at 10:46 am

    I am a member of Fellowship Church and have attended all 3 services in Ed Young’s “Leaving Lust Vegas” series. I found the first two sermons to be very interesting and definitely contained very valid topics. However, his 3 sermon “7 Day Sex Challenge” left me feeling disappointed. I guess in theory it has its rational. However, my husband and I make love at least 6 times a week by choice.(we’ve only been married 2 years) However, when Ed Young gave his sermon from the bed. I left the church feeling like sex was a chore and a duty that I needed to provide every 72 hours or my man might wander, by no fault of his own, God created him that way…It was centered on how the women is obligated to fulfill her mans needs. This isn’t love making, this isn’t sharing passion, this isn’t creating intimacy. It sounds like a job! Even my husband agreed. We are going to skip the rest of this series and seriously consider finding a new home church.

  10. 10 speaking truth November 18, 2008 at 11:15 am


    Thanks for your comment, and your candor. I don’t know Ed Young or his church, so I can only “read into” this series. I agree – by not soberly dealing with a subject that can perplex many marriages (I chuckled when you mentioned your level of “activity” – then I realized you were only married for 2 year 🙂 ). Nothing against Ed Young personally, I just wonder how teaching on such a serious subject in such a goofy way really makes a positive impact on the congregation.

  11. 11 ready4change November 18, 2008 at 2:01 pm


    So I guess if I showed you a married couple well past their “golden years” that has as much “activity” as Valerie and her hubby you would literally burst at the seams with amusement??..(Ha! smile bro’!…)

    Seriously though, I realize that this may be more of the exception than the rule, but don’t sleep on grannie and grandpa…In fact, I think if we would follow the obvious biblical model that was earlier suggested of the elder instructing the younger then it would result in much fuller and richer understanding of what Christ intended marriage to be.

    On another semi-related note ST, I wanted to share something that may be old news to you at this point. Your faithful readers will be elated to know that the folks at Grace To You have opened up the vault to Johnny Mac’s almost 40 years worth of expository sermons. Formerly sold at $3.00 a piece, they are now available for listening, reading and mp3 download at no charge. There are over 2700 sermons (and counting), and they are organized by title, series, scripture, date and code. Here’s a link to the page:

    Now, hope and optimism tells me that this will at least place somewhat of a dent into the seemingly bottomless pit of biblical illiteracy and scriptural void. However, historical evidence and the spirit of the age would suggest otherwise. Be blessed my friend, and continue to contend graciously for the faith…

    Solus Christus,


    Oh, by the way, shame on you for not doing a post about this…(just kidding bro’!)…

  12. 12 speaking truth November 18, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    shame on you for not doing a post about this…

    I didn’t know about this, R4C – so I’ll be charging up my MP3 player to load up…and a post is coming soon 🙂

  13. 13 Dawn Bailey November 20, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Why can’t the church be as creative as the media? Wasn’t Jesus a creative and innovative speaker making his message relevant through stories and parables? For some, this may be the hook that gets them to church for the first time which may plant a seed that can be nurtured to grow into a lasting and meaningful relationship with Christ.

    Before you raise an eyebrow about this challenge…check out this past weekend’s message at to see what God says about sex and marriage in scripture.

    Why do we continue to allow the media to dictate sexual norms? As a mother of 3 teenage boys, I am deeply troubled by the volume of casual sex bombarding our kids. Sexual intercourse carries with it deep emotional, physical, and spiritual ramifications that if taken out of the marriage bed can do significant harm. No one bats an eyelash at the porn star reality show, yet we are quick to criticize this open discussion in church. Have you checked the stats on pornography, infidelity, and divorce?? The enemy is having a field day!

    It is time that sex is taken back from our culture and returned to the place where it all began—one man and one woman in marriage, God’s way. ^i^

  14. 14 speaking truth November 20, 2008 at 9:05 am


    Thanks for your comment. I understand your interest in the topic – particularly since you are raising young men. As a father of daughters, I don’t look forward to having to biblically “break it down” to them (although I’ve begun the process with my oldest), but it must be done, and done well by their father.

    That said, I still argue against the marketing-heavy/Word-light culture of the seeker sensitive church. While Jesus did speak in parable so that those in His day would understand, the Word was also neatly contained on scrolls – and in limited supply. We now have the Word available at the ready – in multiple translations for easier reading, and teachers who can expositorily exegete it without compromising to appeal to the flesh. The Apostless didn’t use gimmicks to spread the Gospel – they simply preached Christ crucified…and they didn’t have mega arena’s, satelite TV feeds or the internet. They just had the Word.

    If people aren’t drawn to God and His Word earnestly, then they will quickly get bored unless you continue to do yoyo tricks to keep their attention. What’s next – married couples demonstrating “the beauty of holy sex”?

  15. 15 EnochWalked November 20, 2008 at 11:56 am

    Praise the LORD!

    Brother Speaking Truth, I have christian acquaintances in Dallas who hear clearly from the LORD…they say this guy is out of order and in danger of judgement from the LORD. They have written and confronted Ed Young, Jr numerous times and he will not repent. An unclean spirit of lust is operating in this man…Period!

    Dear Dawn,
    I understand where you may be coming from…but the Church was NEVER EVER made to draw souls with SEX or any type of baiting! It is the SPIRIT of GOD dwelling within holy vessels that draws sinners! Nothing else! The Body of CHRIST is to be SALT, LIGHT to draw men to HIM! The Church is suppose to the ARK of SALVATION! If the message ain’t saving souls, it is accursed! Not drawing sheep to themselves and NOT WITH GIMMICKS!

    This pastor, if he is your pastor…IS WAY OUT OF ORDER(“I cannot sugarcoat it anymore brother Speaking Truth!”) I cannot find any scriptural precedence of the LORD JESUS, Peter, John, and Paul or any of the disciples using SEX to convert 1 sinner(If you find it in the Bible, please tell me!). Now granted, we are not in a Jewish/Biblical times like they were…but the Word of GOD never changes…Never.

    GOD commissioned the teaching of lawful sex…1 husband and 1 wife…to be done by Parents with their children…Don’t y’all know if we had grown up with the Law of Moses, that most of us would not be here today…we would have been stoned to death! Thank GOD for grace! But I would add that we really did not get away with our sins like some of us think we do..because the word of GOD says, whatsoever a man(or woman) soweth, he(she) shall reap! Amen.

    The #1 reason we have problems with sex in America is because our parents and grandparents FAILED to do their biblical duties…some of our parents taught us the best they knew how…they were unlearned in spiritual and scriptural matters…BUT 40 years ago…we did not have 70 plus percent of our black families fatherless…it was actually the exact opposite! Don’t Y’ALL think it is strange we got 24/7 Christian TV…Internet…Churches on every city block/suburbs..and our black families are overwhelmingly fatherless. Another discussion!

    A father can bless or curse his children if he fails to teach them…Look at Deuteronomy 6. The priest Eli is the best example of failure to teach and discipline sons! Read 1 Samuel chapters 1-4.

    And if there is no father present…then mothers must take up the slack…the same goes if a father has daughters but no mother in the picture!

    Years before I got married, the LORD through the HOLY SPIRIT taught me HIMSELF. I had to repent, renounce, rebuke myself, deprogram, renew my thinking when it came to the opposite sex, dating, and to stop looking upon women lustfully! The pornographic/skin-e-max mind had to DIE!
    What Ed Young, Jr is doing is bringing fornication to the Body…that is a No! No! Everybody in his congregation is not at the same spiritual, emotional, and mental level to digest what he is doing. My LORD and My GOD, go get a biology book from college if you need help understanding bodily functions!

    …If we say we have the HOLY SPIRIT dwelling within us…then we have no need of any man teaching us…Want proof. See 1 John 2:27. Proverbs has everything a parent needs to teach their children about sexuality. Proverbs and the Song of Solomon has everything a husband and wife need along with the teachings on marriage in the law, the LORD JESUS words, and the writings of Paul and Peter to have a great loving marriage and a awesome, HOLY, Bedroom! Everything we need is in the Word of GOD! It is in my humble opinion, Proverbs is one of the most neglected books of the Bible…It is loaded with answers to everyday life—Literally!

    Sister Dawn,
    I agree totally with your last 2 paragraphs! So what are you going to do about your 3 teenages son? You and especially your husband(if he confesses CHRIST) are the ones responsible for teaching them. Not your pastor or your church. You are! You and your husband as the priest of your home are the ones that your sons should get their sex education from…No one else. Tell them the truth! Once they know the truth, they will not be so easily deceived with what the world offers them…they may be drawn by the world but prayerfully they will not fall away!
    Proverbs 22:6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. And this passage is not gender specific/Amen. You and your husband will be glad and thankful you did…Do not leave this job to pastors or the world to do for you…We see the obvious bad fruit that this has given us!
    Be Blessed.

  16. 16 Jennifer Killian November 20, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    I came across this website by accident or should I say by divine appointment and it really seems like the only ones speaking against MY pastor ED YOUNG’s marriage challenge and his TEACHINGS, are the ones who just might be affiliated with the BORING churches. You see, I was raised in faith in a certain “Religion” and I can truely say that for whatever reason, I didn’t grasp, or the word being preached to me in the way it was, wasn’t enough for me to learn what I needed to in order to have a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Well, it was plain boring & repetitive and made you want to fall asleep. I needed something more and I needed a change. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have that personal relationship with Christ until I started attending Fellowship Church. I’ve attended Fellowship Church now for 3 years and have never sat through a “Boring” service. Ed Young is an incredible teacher and uses scripture to back up his teachings and No, He’s not going to have “married couples demonstrating “the beauty of holy sex”? because what he’s TEACHING through scripture is enough for the human brain to understand. He just has his own way of relating to people that others have not been able to do and instead of disagreeing (or judging) with the way he TEACHES using scripture, maybe you can embrace it knowing he’s planted the seed in MY garden and through that, MY relationship with Jesus Christ has blossomed and I’ve been taught how to pray, how to make decisions, how to a lot of things considering Jesus Christ first. I don’t have enough time to tell all that I have learned from ED & his wife LISA. But, it’s just one more person he’s helped bring closer to the Lord. Isn’t this what we are here for? To spread the word of God. Jesus had his way of getting the word out and it’s no different than what a lot of churches are doing now. Who complains about the way teachers & professors teach education differently? The point still comes across enough to pass. Should it matter how he gets people to CHRIST? He’s not doing anything immoral. Who is anyone to critize how someone uses their God given talent to spread the word and bring people to CHRIST? Is YOUR WAY the only way? No. I didn’t think so. I admire the way ED TEACHES and the analogies DO WORK no matter what any of you say. I’ve seen people in my own family, people at work, people I grew up with, that I would have never thought would have a relationship with Christ and do now and try everyday just like me to walk with the Lord. Thank you Jesus for a creative Pastor. Ed Young is a blessing in my life just like any other person who plants the seed no matter how they do it. Thank you Jesus for the TV’S, Satellite feeds and Mega Arena’s. Thank you for the great opportunity to reach so many to bring them your word. Amen.

    For those who have a problem with how he TEACHES, instead of blogging negatively or sending emails about it, why not get on your knees and send a knee-mail to God about your problem. I too have prayed about this.

  17. 17 speaking truth November 20, 2008 at 1:11 pm


    Obviously you are here to defend “your pastor, Ed Young” and his “teachings” – so I won’t interupt. Frankly, I’d prefer that people defended the Word of God, but that’s just my pet peeve. You mentioned that you used to be bored and now you aren’t. I’m not advocating that anyone attend a “boring church” – which is what most folks call churches that don’t use gimmicks and games. I find that men like John MacArthur, Voddie Baucham, and other expository preachers don’t engage in motivational speaking, yet they are able to PREACH and TEACH the Gospel in simplicity and clarity.

    Would you care to expound upon what you were taught at your “boring church” and how Ed Young was able to turn that around for you?

  18. 18 EnochWalked November 20, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Dear Jennifer Killian,
    GOD is Holy. 1 Peter 1:15-16 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; (16) Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

    It is a parent’s responsiblity to teach their children. Since you are capable and grown adult–rely on the HOLY SPIRIT and the Bible for yourself. Have you received the HOLY SPIRIT since you believed the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST?
    You must know the Word of GOD for yourself. Your pastor is only a man…that’s all! He is no better than you or I.

    Your pastor is in error on this sex education. True Discipleship does not use worldly methods to draw the world! He is getting attention from the world, CNN, MSM. Hate to hurt your feelings, this is type of teaching is not sound doctrine. Do not get caught up in the hype. Just because your pastor has lots of followers, television ministry, and acclaim DOES NOT EQUATE to him being biblically sound on everything!
    1 Corinthians 5:6 ASV Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?

  19. 19 Jennifer Killian November 20, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    Listen, I’m just simply stating that he is a creative pastor and creative enough to help me understand the bible in ways that maybe I would not understand myself. Don’t judge me for that. I grew up catholic and the praise & worship, the teachings, are no comparison and that’s just the way I see it. I can confess the the Lord myself. Things I just simply didn’t agree with and nothing wrong with me saying so. You say gimmicks and games but, I see analogies that work for me like they do for a lot of people who attend Fellowship Church. You have to know him to appreciate his style of teaching and I do.

    Everyone that goes to church, goes to the church they feel works for them faithwise and Ed Young is like you said, just a man no different than yourself. He teaches just like you do, but, because he does it a different way than you do, isn’t wrong. You say he’s in error but, I understand completely that sex was thought up by God, and another way to worship when you do it like God has instructed, that you leave your father and mother to become one in marriage and I can go on and on …. but, I listen, I take the scripture to heart and try to follow it on an everyday basis like I’m supposed to. I don’t believe it states anywhere in the bible just HOW TO spread the word but, if it’s working for some or maybe just one, why would you have an issue with it?

    I have a friend who asked me about this because she saw it on the news and asked why for married couples? and what’s this about anyway? Well, because I was taught by Ed some of the scriptures that I haven’t come across yet in my own journey into the bible, I was able to explain the scriptures somewhat of the way he did on Sunday and after grabbing my bible to show her myself, she started to understand. I told her if she wanted to know more, she can start by reading her own bible and the book of John is a great place to start. She doesn’t attend church at all and after I was able to explain it, well, most of it, she learned something out of it. She is in a marriage filled with lust and cheating and before, she wouldn’t consider talking about anything that had to do with God so, her listening and later stating she would like to attend to help her learn more, I am grateful that we have someone like Ed to bring things out about these issues. Period. She called me. She had questions after seeing it. Now it’s lead her to church this next sunday and his challenge was in error?

    There are so many things on TV, internet, magazines that can keep intamacy in a marriage so far away that this challenge was simply for those who fall to that everyday in particular. This challenge was for MARRIED COUPLES as they are the only ones that should be having sex per the bible and only in order to get closer to your spouse because there are so many marriages falling to a quick divorce without ever consulting in the Lord. Too many marriages ending over LUST! He has a point to this and not sure if you have taken the time to view the whole series but, you should before you judge him and call him an unclean spirit.

    However, I do agree and you are VERY RIGHT about parents and grandparents being the ones to instill in us children what we SHOULD know about the word but, when you don’t have a father figure to teach you these things, and have fallen to certain sins because of the absence of a parents teaching, the father figure at the church should be doing his part to help with that. God created it, so why not teach about it. Why is it such a big deal that he’s challenged married couples to do what they’ve vowed to do rather than lust over someone else.

    I’ve said this many times since attending Fellowship Church and so have others but, if I was taught in my younger days what I am being taught now, like I’m being taught now through Ed, maybe even I would have done things differently early on in my life. I see that this is another opportunity that maybe he didn’t intend but, it’s happening, to wake up the ones who haven’t done their part as a father or mother because they didn’t have the knowledge either. It’s funny, I’ve heard a few parents say the same and even apologize to their children for not doing so. He’s done something great whether you think he’s doing it for publicity, he’s not. He teaches differently than you do and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    He’s done a great thing by talking about it the way he has and he was right when he said it’s always been a HUSH HUSH topic and no churches like to talk about it but, I’m glad he does since most parents don’t. These days everything on TV, Video games, and even marketing ads are unbelievably bad. Sex, killing/murdering, thieving, you name it is sinful and practiced in homes all over this country but,talk about sex in church and oh my goodness!

    I know you have your feelings on this but, it’s ok to disagree whether you with me or me with you. However I was lead to my church I’m grateful because I didn’t have what I do now in Christ and I appreciate not just Ed’s teachings but, most of the pastors on 100.7 The Word FM on a daily basis.

    I Love Jesus Christ, I love my church and thank you for your opinions. I’ve got to go now. Children need to be picked up from school.

    God Bless you.

  20. 20 speaking truth November 20, 2008 at 2:39 pm


    Thanks for the insight. I wanted to know more about where your enthusiasm for Ed Young came from because I was curious about your former church. Your Catholic experiences were not only “boring” (i.e. stoic, traditional, regimented) but they were also heretical as the Roman Catholic religion is a false religion – and thank God you got away from it.

    As for the rest of your post, I get your point. As I’ve stated before in previous posts – I’m all for the spread of the Gospel message. I just wonder if the message sometimes gets lost in the method (as I have seen happen time and time again).

    We may not agree 100% (and do we really need to?), I appreciate you coming back to dig even deeper.

  21. 21 CiCi November 20, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Although I have never been a fan of ‘seeker-sensitive’ churches, I can truly appreciate Jennifer’s point. The preaching/teaching of the gospel in a relevant way that relates to every area of our lives that the Bible speaks to is very powerful, compelling, and dare I say even necessary.
    The story she tells about her friend coming and asking her questions is a very good example of how people’s interest can be peaked by messages like this. We can only pray that many will be helped and truly converted by this type of effort once they are presented with the true gospel of Jesus Christ (trusting that this happens). And I cannot rightly comment on the ministry or motives of Pastor Ed young as I am only slightly familiar with him.

    But, the concerns that many of us have when these types of methods are used are very real. The fact that the ‘seeker’ churches sometimes use messages that appeal to our desires to be happy, wealthy, satisfied, etc… can be a problem because what happens to the people that are drawn by such messages when their lives are not always wonderful and they don’t “get” from God what they expected? Do they turn away? Have they developed a real love Him and a commitment to Him and His will? Is this even being taught anymore?

    I often say to people that I think that there must be a new Bible that people now read and teach out of because some of this new doctrine doesn’t sound anything like what’s in the Bible I have and was brought up on. I never hear the things that Jesus said “if any man would come after me, let him take up his cross and follow me” and “nevertheless, Thy will be done.” All I hear now is how God is gonna make you rich, and happy, and give you a perfect marriage and family if you either give the preacher your money or follow certain steps. And if it doesn’t work out that way, it’s because you didn’t have any faith or you didn’t give enough or your didn’t follow the right steps. This makes me so sad.

    What if God calls us to a life of celibacy or what if that happens to simply be how our life turns out and we never marry or we’re never rich? Paul said it was a good thing to be single because we could “mind the things of the Lord” more fully. When was the last time we heard that preached or taught? But, we hear a lot of preaching about how we can get our lusts fulfilled within our marriages in so-called “marriage seminars.”

    So I guess my question is, in the final analysis, is the teaching and preaching that we’re seeing in the church today producing Christians that will serve God just because He’s God and we love Him?

  22. 22 Pastor Jim November 25, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    ST you can really stir it up! Great interaction from Enoch and Jennifer. Just wanted to say thanks for prompting us all or is it prodding?? 😎

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