Sarah Palin And The Pulpit

***hat tip my brother Keith over at In Submission To Sovereignty for locating this video – I’ve been looking for it for weeks!***

I have already expressed my personal opinions about the presidential candidacies of both Barack Obama and John McCain – and continually affirmed that I’m not voting for either of them.

I’ve also expressed my personal allegiance to the Word of God in affirming that women should not pastor churches.

The video below is a culmination of both of these controversial stances that I have taken – and succinctly detailed by Dr. Voddie Baucham, one of my newest favorite expository preachers. Dr. Baucham was interviewed recently on CNN discussing how evangelicals have “fallen in love” with Sarah Palin – and how that coincides with women in leadership roles (interview starts at the 1 minute mark):

Voddie Bauchman and Sarah Palin

Did you catch Dr. Baucham’s quote – the one that should be nailed to the door of every Christian church in the world?:

We are about the Gospel. The culture doesn’t dictate truth, the Gospel dictates truth. My job is not to be a political pundit or a political activist – my job is to be a pastor, and proclaim the truth of the Gospel as clearly as I can.

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Voddie should go on tour and make that very simple yet profound statement to every pastor who is advocating for a political candidate from the pulpit – be it Obama or McCain.

Sarah Palin is winning over “evangelicals” because McCain, Palin, and the Republicans have successfully painted Barack Obama as the Devil incarnate (to counter the Democrats deification of him). The CNN commentator is clearly trying to use Sarah Palin’s ascension as validation for women pastoring (or preaching, as she says) – the premise of the story (and she alludes to it throughout her interview) is that evangelicals find Sarah Palin appealing based on her “faith” (more on that in another post), yet these same evangelicals “don’t allow women to preach”.

Of course, it’s not the “evangelicals” that don’t allow women to preach in their churches – it’s the Word of God, but why let a little thing like God’s truth get in the way of a good “cultural” story, right?

Anyway, Dr. Bauchman masterfully exegetes scripture to combat that (and other) defenses throughout the interview.

Thank God through Jesus Christ that there are TRUE men of God who aren’t afraid to stand on His Word – and His Word alone.


26 Responses to “Sarah Palin And The Pulpit”

  1. 1 Kyle September 29, 2008 at 1:22 am

    WoW! Voddie is spot on. This Fienberg woman seemed a little to plastic with that constant “smile” and neo-conservative feminist mindset. For some reason she seems a little insincere. Tell me what vibes you get from her.


  2. 2 Brian Foulks September 29, 2008 at 8:57 am


    Dr. Baucham, has placed the bar where it should be for the church. He said some things that were in your face. I must conclude that he has thrown out some weighty material in those 5 minutes that has challenge my life. It is amazing how much we have tried to make the bible fit our lives versus our lives fitting into the bible.

  3. 3 Jeanie Franklin September 29, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Like I said before, God’s Word has the last word!It is alive and powerful and it’s a two-edged sword! The women were left speechless and they could not come back with any comments at all! Reminds me of the battle Jesus had with satan. He used the sword,which is the Word of God!

  4. 4 speaking truth September 29, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    This Fienberg woman seemed a little to plastic with that constant “smile” and neo-conservative feminist mindset. For some reason she seems a little insincere. Tell me what vibes you get from her.

    Kyle – I get the same vibe that you get – that Margaret Feinberg is a feminist. She (like many others) shapes scripture and twists it out of context in order to make it fit the way she wants it to. Also remember, she’s from Alaska and one can assume she supports her politically. The bottom line is that she is a McCain Palin supporter and she’s attempting (and very poorly, I might add) to use scripture to “justify” it.

    Brian/Jeanie – you’re right – when God’s Word is clearly spoken (no pretense, no presuppositions), then we clearly see how far we are away from it, and how far we have to go to grow more in Him. It’s quite sobering, frankly.

    This is why folks would rather bend the Word to their personal will than to attempt to live it AS IS…

  5. 5 Keith Tolbert September 29, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Pastor Baucham will be one of the speakers this year at the Miami Pastor’s Conference Nov. 6-8. Other speakers include:

    Michael Leach: All Saints Redeemer Church, Decatur, GA (my pastor)
    Anthony Carter: Author “Being Black and Reformed”
    Ken Jones: Pastor Greater Union Baptist Church, Compton CA; Whitehorse Inn
    Thabiti Anyabwile: Author “The Decline of African American Theology”
    and others

    here’s a link

    Be there or be Arminian!

  6. 6 Brian Foulks September 29, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    I have come to the conclusion that we are more concern with our wordly standard than with our position with God. As I have been challenged about the presidential race the concern for people is centered more on what is beneficial for the candidates rather than how can one honor God.

    Then more we dig into the word I am certain the more we will see how depraved and disconnected we have become in comparison to the scriputres. As Dr.Baucham likes to say we are such secualr humanist, that we have forsaken the scripture in order not to offend others.

  7. 7 lavrai September 29, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    I’m going to pray for Mr. Baucham. That’s a Christian soldier right there. HE WILL NOT WATER DOWN, PI or SUGAR-COAT the Gospel. Thank you, Jesus. If every so-called pastor would be just as firm and truthful when they’re on the MSM shows, more people would perhaps gain better guidance.

  8. 8 Pastor Jim September 29, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    I liked this entry so much I’m linking all my readers to it – both of them (ha! my mom and my wife)…

    Actually I am not sure that I agree with everything IMPLIED here. I agree with your statements ST – that pastors are to preach the Word and not bow to the culture, etc. but I’m not sure what Dr. Baucham is implying by women’s roles as homemakers.

    TV interviews leave much to be interpreted…

    Just to clarify, the Scriptures teach that women can and should be strong gifted leaders in the home and in the community at the same time. Proverbs 31 mentions that a virtuous women is a business woman as well as a homemaker.

    Do you have a problem with a woman being in high office? I don’t. I think a women could be the president and under her husband’s authority and the authority of the elders of her church.

    And I don’t think it would be a sign of God’s curse on America. I interpret that as specific condemnation of Israel.

    Interested in your opinion of having a woman in leadership outside the church?

  9. 9 Kim Jordan September 30, 2008 at 12:39 am

    I would challenges you to read the old testament and the role of women in the nation of Israel as judges, leaders, and savers of the men who are in disobedience to the direct orders of God. Be very careful here– only basing your beliefs on the words of Paul alone.

    Many of the wives of even the Patriarch point to the leadership role they took in the forwarding of the covenant in submission to the will of G_d and not a man even the covering of their spouse.

    This is shaky scary ground if you are not educated in the Old Testament and prophets to witness to these truths.

  10. 10 speaking truth September 30, 2008 at 9:06 am

    Pastor Jim – you make a very valid point, and I am searching scripture to answer your comment as best I can, so bear with me a little longer.

    Kim – I have read the OT & NT and have a fundamental understanding of how God used women, and I do not base my belief in the Word of God through the words of Paul only. If you read my entire article on women as pastors – as well as the full comment thread, you’ll see a detailed and succinct walk through scripture.

    God’s Word is clear about the role of women in society and the church. I agree that it requires careful study and mature discussion, but God’s Word can’t be bent to satisfy the will of anybody. As Dr. Baucham said in the video – culture can not dictate the Gospel.

  11. 11 Job September 30, 2008 at 10:05 am

    Got some more expository preachers to recommend for me?

  12. 12 Pastor Jim September 30, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Didn’t mean to give you homework! But then again, by my interactions with you, you are a diligent student.

  13. 13 Caught Thinking September 30, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    I’m with Pastor Jim on this one. I disagree in large part with what was implied in the interview. When studying scripture we have to find the eternal principle. I don’t believe that a woman being barefoot and pregnant (at home), is the scope of what scripture teaches about the role of women in the church society and in our live at large.

    Kyle in response to this,

    “This Fienberg woman seemed a little to plastic with that constant “smile” and neo-conservative feminist mindset. For some reason she seems a little insincere.”

    This is the kind of careless rush to judgment that gets us in trouble. I have met her and been in conversations with Margret, I’ve also read one of her books and her blog ( enough to know she is actually a real person with a joyous disposition. She loves God sincerely.

    When will we learn to be irenic and to obey the scripture we so easily toss around and discuss truth with decency and respect?


  14. 14 GaryV September 30, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    While I also appreciated the pastors stance in general, there is absolutely zero in the Word which forbids or restricts women from leadership roles in the culture at large. A woman President wouldn’t be an issue for me at all, but a woman who COULD be a Godly President but was taught her highest calling is being barefoot and pregnant would bother me quite a bit.

    Goodness knows I wish there was either a man OR a woman running for President this year that I didn’t find politically repulsive.

  15. 15 Kim Jordan September 30, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    I was referring to the IN SUBMISSION to SOVEREIGNTY link within your blog by Keith Tolbert.

    God created men and women to function face to face with one another. Reread Genesis- Adam was created first both male and female and then divided into Adam and Eve- two separate and distinct genders but nonetheless whole. They are complementary and opposing and yet not opposite or inferior or superior to one another. That is why it is said that we are made in the likeness and image of God. Separate but whole– ONE. We have body, soul and spirit, also called nephesh, neshamah and ruach in Hebrew. God is also spirit, substance and character. Three manifestations yet Echad or ONE.

    The church is never the issue here the kingdom is. The church is a man made creation but the body is God’s design. A kingdom of priests. It is made up of individuals that become corporate and must function as a whole grafted into Israel. Some actions are ordinary and some sacred but all are a part of life. Women like me come under the submission of God just like any man and can serve in any role HE ordains. Is it ordinary for that to happen? That depends on your corner of the universe and one’s culture. In America, we have adopted the mindset that men should lead and that is what our culture of religion teaches but not TORAH. Jesus only quoted Torah. Check it out. He never quotes Paul. He always says it is written…. He is referring to the first 5 books of Moses Genesis-Deut, the prophets and the poems (Psalms and Proverbs of the Tanach or Old Testament.

    You and I both know women that far exceed any men in giftings to lead and men who have no aspirations at all to do so. I also know men with outstanding leadership characteristics and women who have not aspirations to lead but always it comes down to the anointing of God. Read the story of Korah if you want to see men who have the abilities but not the anointing and see what God does. It is not a pretty site. The anointing is God’s to give and nowhere in Torah does God exclude a women based on her gender. Can all men submit to the authority of God given to a woman? That is always interesting to watch. It tells a lot about a person when they cannot submit to God’s ordained whether they are male or female. The Ruach Kodesh or Holy Spirit is always in the feminine form in Greek and Hebrew but people are not taught such truths. We submit to that feminine aspect of God every time we feel the stirring of our consciences.

    Yeah I am passionate about this issue. I have been abused by male authority in many denominations without the true anointing for far too long and God is healing my heart and calling me into my true identity in spite of my cultural experiences. God has done this with names like EL Shaddai and many other feminine God names.


  16. 16 speaking truth September 30, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    Pastor Jim, Kim, Caught Thinking, et al,

    I watched the video several more times – and I pulled out my MacArthur NASB study bible to follow along – just to make sure that I was hearing correctly and properly correlating with the Word.

    I have to humbly admit that while Dr. Baucham makes an impacting statement regarding prevailing culture vs. God’s Word, the theme of the interview seemed to veer from evangelical support for Palin’s candidacy (while they adhere to scripture by not endorsing women pastors) all the way to a womans role in society in general.

    Although Margaret Feinberg (in my opinion) loosesly uses scripture during the interview to support her views), it appears as though Dr. Baucham is advocating a woman’s “traditional role” based on Titus 2:5. I won’t speculate his motivation for using that scripture to address Palin’s candidacy. My understanding is that Paul wrote Titus 2:3-5 to admonish older women to teach younger women how to love their husbands and their households (vs 3-4).

    Verse 5 is in response to the “radical feminism” in Roman Empire at the time (rooted in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology and gnosticism) – and Paul’s concern that this would damage the early church. All in all, I agree that women should not be limited to staying in their homes – especially if wives and husbands agree on their respective responsibilities to their families. I stated in previous comment threads that I don’t have a problem working for a woman in Corporate America (done that many times), voting for a woman (the right woman, I might add), or anything of the sort. I also clearly made my beliefs known in regards to female leadership within the church.

    The overall tone of the video is still pertinent (to me) – the point was that we can’t make the Gospel “fit” the popular culture of the day.

  17. 17 Brian Foulks September 30, 2008 at 8:46 pm


    What is your take on the last part of Titus 2:5,”so that the word of God will not be dishonored.”

  18. 18 speaking truth September 30, 2008 at 9:11 pm


    I’m going to assume (my opinion, not scripture) that Paul was stating that women who did not honor their household were dishonoring the Word of God.

  19. 19 Brian Foulks September 30, 2008 at 9:40 pm


    C.E.B. Cranfield makes the statement in his exegesis of the Romans 13:1 that I think is parallell to Titus 2:5 and piggy backs off what you have said,

    “The hypotassisthai which Paul here [in Rom. 13:1] and elsewhere [e.g.,Titus 2:5] enjoins is to be understood in terms of God’s taxis or ‘order.’ It is the responsible acceptance of a relationship in which God has placed one and the resulting honest attempt to fulfill the duties which it imposes on one [cf. Eph. 5:24].”

    Simply stated God wants us to be intentional about use performing what he has laid out for us in the scripture. When we complete those things we in so doing bring honor and not dishonor to the Word of God.

  20. 20 Independent Conservative October 1, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I agree with GaryV’s comment. A woman is to be the homemaker and the husband the head of the house doing all he can to preserve his wife. However, this does not preclude women from roles outside of the home. Keep in mind who was funding the ministry of Jesus from their own earned resources, many were women, Luke 8:1-3. Being a homemaker does not mean one can never do anything outside the home. It does mean a woman has to take concern for home and children first. Really a woman with a special needs child plus other children is probably taking on too much in seeking the 24 X 7 job of VP. And I wonder if her 17 year old would have made the news if mommy was not always out being a politician? It just seems Palin is overlooking some major needs in her house for political gain. A role like VP if a woman is running would be better for a woman with children who are already grown.

    I don’t have an issue with a woman being President, but scripture is explicit in women not exercising authority over men in church assemblies. I won’t rehash that and re-debate that, I’ve already said my part in this other lengthy exchange of comments.

    Voddie Baucham fell for the bait of looking at Deborah as a pastor and he claimed she was just basically an anomaly. That is not true. She was not a pastor, she was not a high priest either. She was a prophetess and that does not make her a case study of why women should be church elders, because church elders are men. Deborah (and not Miriam either) does not correlate to church eldership. This is like saying in the secular political world that a Supreme Court justice who may also make rousing military speeches is the same as the role of President, it’s not the same. Prophetess is not church elder.

    Isaiah 3:12 is scripture that has to be looked at in regards to the church standing firm on not having women or children assuming authority in the church assembly over both women and men. It does not mean women can’t hold secular (that includes political) positions and scripture is full of cases of women holding various positions that relate to secular work.

  21. 21 Douglas K. Adu-Boahen October 1, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    A preacher who does not get involved in something as useless as politics???? 😛

    I’m just messing – Dr. Baucham is all about God, His Word and His Gospel. I personally think they knew exactly what he’d say and picked him for that interview…

  22. 22 Independent Conservative October 1, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Hey Douglas,

    I personally think they knew exactly what he’d say and picked him for that interview…

    Well why else do you think they had him on :p ?

    They picked him, the questions and hacks of scripture all in advance.

  23. 23 hiscrivener October 1, 2008 at 10:01 pm


    Surely, you have noted one of the “Brickhouse Series” on the Wall entitled, “Depoliticizing the Pulpit”?!

    Where has this guy been? A local Mensa meeting. He is the smartest dude to hit a pulpit since Billy. Imagine… a preacher who realizes his job is not to preach policy but rather prophecy.

    Oh man, I’d better shut up. I got loads to do back yonder. Thanks for the bricklaying shout out, my brotha.


  24. 24 Ann Brock October 2, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Hello! Great article. I see a woman’s role of leadership in the church and society as two different things. The church is free to determine for itself who can be in leadership.

    The church is a membership organization which is free to determine what roles can be handled by which people. When it comes to churches, if you are not in agreement with them you can always leave.

    Leadership in society is an entirely different issue. In leadership you have to be a quick thinker and can answer questions on your feet. Which I believe women can do. I don’t have a problem with Sarah Palin being VP because it’s a society thing. The church and the home is the only place we have the authority over.

    I don’t think we can say if a woman should be in leadership or not in society, other than by vote. Because, we all must live in society. If we don’t like it we can’t just leave that’s not a realistic option. As for church you can always go down the block and become another denomination if you so wish.

  25. 25 Jeanie Franklin October 2, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    I have read all of the comments and I really have come to the conclusion: God is still in control of all of this. What was meant to perhaps to trip up the pastor concerning women’s roles, God still turned it around for His good. As I am studying God’s Word, nothing that is happening caught Him off guard. Who are we to say that for such a time as that, someone may have been saved listening to that program. Maybe it was the female host are anyone who is there working and listening, the seed was planted. God has many ways to bring those into the family of God. I do believe that will all of my heart. He knew this was going to happen before the foundation of the world. So like a child, I have to believe that with my heart. God’s Word is ALIVE! I still believe that women are not to lord over men in the church. I have no problem with the woman perhaps in a working environment or corporate environment. BUT, if she is married and neglects her household and family for the sake of work or politics she is going against what God had in mind for the family. Now Proverbs 31 shows us how efficient the woman after God’s heart was. She probably had male and female servants, and apparently she was very resourceful, and she made money, yet she took care of her household and her husband called called her BLESSED! I like that. I have to go with scripture now, because God’s Word has truly healed me and guided me. That’s what intimacy with God can do. God’s Word in my life has the last word.I have to think with everything that is happening in this election God is in control and He does not want us to be conformed to this world Romans 12:1-2.I am not going to be a closet christian! I want God to get ALL the glory in this and He shall!

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