Carlton “The Heretic” Pearson Is Getting His “Influence” Back…

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When Carlton “The Heretic” Pearson was shunned by (almost) the entire Christian community when he unveiled his new found “revelation of inclusion” that you don’t have to accept Jesus Christ in order to gain access to Heaven, many thought he’d just find a corner and a few folks to spew his heresy to.

Well, old Carlton is climbing back up the mountain of “Pentecostalism” and moving closer and closer to his former popularity. Since the church is in the early stage of it’s free fall into total and complete apostasy, Carlton the Heretic is finding welcome audiences around the world who are just eating his garbage up (unrepentant homosexuals, Atheists, Unitarians, Universalists, Ecumenists, and all other manner of God’s enemies).

Well, Carlton the Heretic is moving his vipers den to a new church in Tulsa:

Pearson’s Church To Meet In All Soul’s

by: BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer
6/14/2008  12:00 AM

The Church will host a small Pentecostal-style congregation.

Bishop Carlton Pearson’s New Dimensions church will begin meeting Sunday at All Souls Unitarian Church, bringing together a small black Pentecostal-style congregation and a large white congregation with a staid, intellectual style of worship. “It is truly historic. Nothing quite like this has ever happened before,” All Souls senior minister Marlin Lavanhar told his congregation last Sunday morning.

“And it comes at a time when it seems like our entire nation is entering a new era” . . . when “the next president of the United States may very well be African-American,” he said.

All Souls “is opening its doors, and its hearts, to a black Pentecostal preacher who has spent 25 years trying to cast demons out of this place,” he said.

“Something new is trying to burst forth in human consciousness right here in America, and right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a new day, when Unitarians and Pentecostals, young and old, black and white, gay and straight, Democrat and Republican can all find themselves sharing a church and caring for one another and each other’s children — that’s the beloved community. That’s creating the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven,” he said in his Sunday sermon. (click here to read the entire article)

The article goes on to talk about Carlton the Heretic’s affiliation with the United Church of Christ – Jeremiah Wright’s denomination:

Despite their external differences, All Souls and New Dimensions are both liberal and progressive churches. Pearson and his church last year affiliated with the United Church of Christ, one of America’s most liberal denominations, and among the first to openly embrace gay and lesbian members and leaders.

So we can now see further confirmation of the UCC’s allegiance to heresy and false doctrine as well (especially since Wright – a UCC preacher – and his church Trinity UCC espouse the wicked false gospel of Black Liberation Theology).

Another nugget from the article:

“Both churches reflect inclusion consciousness,” Pearson said.

Lavanhar said religion should be “inclusive, liberating. That’s the good news.”

He noted that while Oral Roberts and former All Souls senior minister John Wolf often were sharply at odds, he and Pearson, representing the next generation in their respective traditions, are not.

“There’s a new trend in America, a new openness.”

So there you have it, Carlton the Heretic is taken advantage of the ignorance of the church by pushing his heretical garbage and calling it “a new trend in America, a new openess”.

While Carlton the Heretic and other enemies of God want us to think this “new consciousness” is a new phenomenon sweeping across America, thank God through Jesus Christ that the Apostle Paul warned us about this thousands of years ago:

1 Timothy 4:1-2 (New American Standard Bible)


 1But (A)the Spirit explicitly says that (B)in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to (C)deceitful spirits and (D)doctrines of demons,

 2by means of the hypocrisy of liars (E)seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron,

Please please please stay away from ANYONE who claims that there are multiple paths to Heaven apart from Jesus Christ when HE HIMSELF clearly stated the contrary (John 14:6).


13 Responses to “Carlton “The Heretic” Pearson Is Getting His “Influence” Back…”

  1. 1 Theresa July 6, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Your an idiot! More power to Carlton pearson and All Souls, and to the UCC denomination. The grip of the religious right in this country is finally broken. Praise God!

  2. 2 speaking truth July 7, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Your an idiot! More power to Carlton pearson and All Souls, and to the UCC denomination.

    Theresa – why would you wish “all power” to a heretic (Pearson), a false church (All Souls), and a denomination struggling with consistently preaching sound biblical doctrine (the UCC)? Do you really mean that “all glory, honor and power belongs to God” (Revelation 4:11) and not some denomination of false teachers?

    I’ve already explored the false gospel that is Black Liberation Theology so there’s no need to rehash it again. Carlton “the Heretic” and All Souls subscribe to the false gospel of inclusion. This false theology is nothing more than another swipe at the “wider mercy doctrine” – which also falsely states that God will grant salvation to anyone who has a sincere heart – without repentance and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ – including Buddhists, Muslims, etc.

    Gary Hand wrote an excellent article exhaustively detailing the false gospel of inclusion/universalism, so I suggest you read it in it’s entirety. As Hand correctively documents, Carlton believes that:

    A. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection paid the price for all of humanity to have eternal life in heaven, without any requirement to repent of sins and receive salvation.

    B. Belief in Jesus Christ, is not necessary for a person to go to heaven. Salvation is unconditional, granted by the grace of God to every human being.

    C. It is presumed that all of humanity will have its destiny in heaven, whether they realize it or not.

    D. All of humanity will go to heaven regardless of their religious affiliation, including those who believe in false religions or adopt any other form of religious persuasion, or who have no religious persuasion.

    E. Only those who have “tasted of the fruits” of real intimacy with Christ and have “intentionally and consciously rejected” the grace of God will spend eternity separated from God.

    F. There are persons in some type of hell, but the emphasis is “to get away from the picture of an angry, intolerant God. I don’t see God that bitter.”

    Again, I’d recommend you read the article and your bible as well so that you can see how OFF this false gospel is when compared to the infallible, irrefutable Word of God. The Word of God is succinct and crystal clear on salvation through Jesus Christ alone, specifically:

    Romans 6:23
    John 3:16
    Romans 10:9
    Acts 4:12
    1 Timothy 2:5
    John 14:6
    John 10:9
    John 11:25
    John 3:36
    John 8:24

    If believing in the Word of God (and not the insane philosophy of a heretical false teacher) makes me an idiot, then I am guilty as charged. In fact, I’m a fool too because:

    For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18)

    Theresa, this has NOTHING to do with the “religious right” (I am a political independent) – this has EVERYTHING to do with the proper representation of the Word of God. Men like Carlton “the Heretic” Pearson and his ilk are condemning many to eternal hellfire by presenting a false gospel and an antichrist. I sincerely pray that you seek to know God through Jesus Christ – the Father of creation, not the one who is being propped up by false teachers like Carlton “the Heretic”.

    Align yourself with God’s Word and not a liar who says that His Son died in vain.

  3. 3 barry July 9, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    WOW! WOW!!! I believe the lord has set me on the course of discovery in which has brought me here,I started searching Todd Bently which i thought was wicked but now i hear theres a NEW way to heaven! far out! Im sorry but i really feel a organized religion has gone to hell in a bucket!and the new wave of people who obviously dont read the bible and just let people TELL them there new ideas on salvation and healings. without knowledge of scripture people dont have the wisdom to recognize good from bad or God from satan .I am starting to realize this is more the norm than a fluke. But my bible does tell me about birth pains and these things must happen so although im amazed,PRAISE GOD theMiester

  4. 4 speaking truth July 10, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Barry – I understand your frustration. It’s not that “organized religion” is going to hell in a bucket – God is exposing the imposters of the faith and giving us an opportunity to either follow Him or them. Sadly, it appears that the spiritually immature have decided to follow them. Always remember, our relationship with God through Jesus Christ is more than just religion – it’s our very lifeline.

    You said it correctly: “without knowledge of scripture people don’t have the wisdom to recognize good from bad”. The only way to combat the evil of this age is to stay in the Word of God and be ready to recognize AND steer people away from it.

  5. 5 Keb August 5, 2008 at 10:34 am

    AMEN!!!……It seems the more we tell people to read the word for themselves the less they do it. I’ve been there as well, but once you start reading your eyes are truly open and thats when you will find that people are just comfortable were they are. not knowing keeps them connected to their favorite church or pastor. After being spiritual abused at my former church for many years I left. I tried to point out to 2 of my close friends that still attend that the church is in error. one of them sees it but still there, the other is in denial because to me her alliance is with church when it should be with the Lord. She won’t be able to function without them. She has a co dependent personality. She is emotionally abused at home and at church. The other always end up with abusive men. Only the word of God can fill the void they are feeling not people. When I’m around the one that is in denial I can’t talk about the pulpit pimps of TBN, not to mention joel olsteen, because she believes without a doubt they are anointed.

  6. 6 speaking truth August 5, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    I understand your frustration Keb. I have a hard time biting my tongue, so I make my thoughts clearly known regarding the various pimps, vipers, and wolves out there today – then I keep my peace. As a result, my “circle of friends” have shrunk considerably (which is how I like it anyway).

    While you want to shake some sense into folks regarding the wolves that they align themselves to, the Lord’s will be done. Only He knows who the sheep are and who the goats are.

    Just continue to pray for all of those lost in delusion and following false teachers (not just your friends, but those all over the world) – and ask God to give you the strength to be a TRUE witness for Him in every encounter that you have.

  7. 7 teekaay August 7, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    these are really scary times we are living in. people who claim to be ‘Christian’ actually get mad at you for reading, let alone believing and obeying the Bible. I work with a lady who says she’s a Christian yet she says she believes that all good people are going to go to heaven, whether they believe in Jesus or not. So many in the church get married divorced and remarried like they change underwear. You’ve got women teaching and having authority over men, people who come to church half dressed and with new tatoos every week. the worst a person is in church it seems the more they are respected. if you try to obey the word, people think you are being judgemental and holier than thou. let’s not even talk about all the many many many preachers and pastors getting rich off of God’s people. they all want fancy houses, cars, private jets ect, ect, ect. would Peter, Paul or any of the other apostles have lived these lavished lifestyles? I once asked this in school of ministry and everybody got mad at me. it’s even hard to be a Christian in church among ‘Christian”. May the Lord Jesus Himself have mercy and help us. these are truly perilous times. Jesus is Lord! Shalom

  8. 8 speaking truth August 8, 2008 at 7:26 am

    I agree teekaay – these are perilous times, but we were forewarned in the Word of God to expect the things that we see.

    The church has become so synonymous with the world that you really can’t tell the difference. And sadly, that’s the way that church folks like it.

    Just Continue to pray that the Lord’s will be done and stay in right relationship with Him

  9. 9 MInister Hobbs October 6, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Lookie here y’all. Carlton is a new ager and he just couldn’t get big enough doin’ what he was a doin’ up in tulsa with higher d.

    see, he’s an EGO MANIAC and an exploiter of souls and peoples.
    when he couldn’t be the biggest and the baddest man, he went on for somethin’ new. but it ain’t really.

    universalism has been around. apostacy has been around. it be one thing to show your love towards gays and lesbians, but to tell them an everyone else that you ain’t in danger of hell, is just cruel.

    the man be cruel, selfish and arrogant. also the Bible does say it would be way worse for him as a false teacher and leader of the blind into damnation than for those who don’t know better.

    he is taking advantage of broken souls and giving them a bandaid when they need a miracle.

    he is a selfish manipulator and a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. hear me now, the man always centers almost everthin’ on himself and that there is clue.

    pray for him to be stopped first and helped later.

    carlton you couldn’t handle not be some maniac messiah. you got the obama’s and worse in your heart. messiah complex and contradictin’ the true Messiah. who by the way mr. apostate, taught on hell.

    take your gay demons, your new age demons and be stopped, cut off and cut down in the Lord by the Holy Spirit. you replaced HIM with yourself now!

    shame on you carlton. shame on you for actin’ the victim, for being a deceiver and for your wife who is way too worshippful of you and not the Lord Jesus.

    why don’t you write a new Bible and take out all the scripture you don’t want to face or preach. you are only going to go off the path of your new ugly success because the grace that once sheltered you is comin’ off. but then, God is always gracious and judgment always moves to restore.

  10. 10 J July 6, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    It is outrageously weird that some fundamentalists call Christian universalism and open theism “heresies” (especially when one considers that open theism is more in keeping with the concept of a dialectical God found in Judaism—Judaism being the religion of Jesus !)

    Nowhere do any of the verses of the bible state that universalism , nor open theism are any “heresies” .

    As a NON-fundamentalist Christian , I will always hope and pray that eventually every person will be redeemed by Jesus –or if not redeemed perhaps remediated). There may be some people who persist in some immoral behavior so tenaciously and severly that their souls may have to be destroyed partially and then have the elements of their souls reconstructed later –or their spirit somehow redeemed without the soul ..(perhaps serial killers and such might be included in such a prospect) .

    Thank Jesus for universalist theologians !

    Here below I am posting two articles that make the case that the use of terms like ‘heresy’ and ‘heretic’ in the New Testament epistles–should NOT be interpreted in the broad way that many ultra-Fundamentalists do…

    The case is made that since in the epistles of Paul , where words such as ‘heresies’ and ‘heretic’ appear in the text…nowhere does Paul state explictly which specific doctrines are to be considered heretical , and since the only place in the bible scriptures where there is anything close to a definition of “heresy” is in the epistle of 2 Peter, where the author refers to people , ‘denying the Lord that bought them’ and NOT to Christian Universalism , open theism , or every form of unusual doctrine , but specifically to denying the Lord…and so the broad accusations that such and such a doctrine is “heresy” (that many ultra-Fundamentalists like to cast around) are playing fast and loose with the text .

    Furthermore, the doctrines of Fundamentalism are not on every point “orthodox Christianity” . True orothodox Christianity is more in keeping with the Eastern Orthodox sect—NOT the doctrines promoted by lousy theologians like John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon ect. Gregory of Nyssa and a number of the early church fathers supported universalism .

    I see that some have posted words to the effect that they were going to pray that Carlton Pearson stop supporting universalism and support a fundamentalist outlook . That is disgusting !

    In light of how Jesus taught that ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ and how that applies even to salvation , please do not pray that I become a fundamentalist. If it turns out that an ultra-Fundamentalist deity is running the universe (a different Deity than the Father of the Jesus who gave us the sermon on the mount)—then me becoming a fundamentalist and going to a fundamentalist heaven while other people (even nice people) are being tortured endlessly for not praying a Christian prayer prior to bodily death ..I would regard as a worse state of affairs than me being sent to a hell of fire and brimstone . It would be outrageously selfish for me to go to a fundamentalist sort of heaven —if there are people being tortured for an endless period of years .

    If an ultra-Fundamentalist wants to send people to a fire and brimstone hell (or “allow” them to go there) where people are endlessly tortured —even nice people—then I’d just as soon rather try to persuade such a deity to to torture me instead *in the fire brimstone forever , rather than them and let the other people out of such a hell. If such an ultra-Fundamentalist deity maintains that such persons who have died without converting to Christianity are unworthy of heaven because of their sin or belief , then they could still be let out of that hell and sent to some other place that is *neither heaven nor a painfull variety of hell —that does not have any of the pleasures of heaven and yet does not have the pain and sufferring of hell—a neutral place of endless tedious boredom , or embarassment maybe .

    Those ultra-fundamentalists, who would be disappointed in Jesus, if Jesus eventually saved everyone, remind one of the weird atitude by the people in the parable of the laborers in the vineyard who were disappointed that the people who were hired at the last hour were given the same wage as those who worked all day long and endured the heat of the day .

  11. 11 J July 6, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    NOTE: Thogh I am defending Rev.Pearson, I lean towards a different version of Christian universalism then he does —one that does have the hope that eventually all will make some sort of confession in Jesus —that every toungue shall confes that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father .


    In this present era especially , there is a lot of talk in some sectarian groups–especially Fundamentalist protestant groups and in some anti-progressive factions of Catholicism about so-called “heresy” and “heretics” . What’s odd is that in some of these religious factions –especially Fundamentalist factions to label some notions “heretical” apparently because these notions seem way too exotic or way too unusual , even though some of the beliefs supported by such Fundamentalist pundits and theologians were, at one time in history, themselves called “heresy” by many of the other earler dominant churches when these religious movements, to which these Fundamentalists belong, emerged .

    An example: the practice of the Baptist denomination to baptize people as adults when they had made more of an inquiry into what Baptism meant about 3 or 4 centuries ago –when the Baptist sect was young–was condemmed as a heresy by the earlier dominant church denominationsin Europe.

    It is also quite hazy as to whether a lot of the hunters who object to so-called heresy have any fixed criteria for deciding if some notion is heresy or not. Calvinists and those factions of Arminian /Protestants who believe in free will (and are ALSO fundamentalists) tend to regard the doctrines promoted by each other as alternative forms of Christianity –the Calvinists disagree with Arminian doctrine and vice versa (but with perhaps a few odd exceptions) don’t call each other heretics, yet might call other doctrines so-called “heresies” like open theism (to give an example) or say elements of the Charismatic movement -to give another example .

    Jesus in the gospels never uses the word ‘heresy’ . Jesus denounces some people for being NON-consistent.. having internal contradictions in beliefs and attitudes, and/or for being petty , superficial , venal /greedy, NOT for having some exotic theology ! Though Jesus is fond of pointing out internal inconsistency in the beliefs that some people express , he does NOT in the gospels show any desire to support some doctrinal ” correctness” as any goal for its own sake .

    Jesus criticizes the false prophets not for teaching unusual doctrine , but instead for fostering unethical conduct . The difference between a true prophet and a false prophet was a true prophet produced good fruits and false prophet bad fruits .

    St.Paul uses the term ‘heretic’ in the epistle to Titus , but does NOT define a list of doctrines that make a person a heretic or make up ‘heresy’. Thus it is presumptuous to claim support from St.Paul for the broad use of the term ‘heresy’ that many Fundamentalists and some factions of Catholics like to bandy around .

    The only time the word ‘heresies’ gets anything almost like a definition is when in the New Testament epistle called 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 2 which describes heresy as ‘denying the Lord that bought them’, and NOT in the broad sense that the word ‘heresy’ is used today. Thus, according to 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 2, the term ‘heresies’ specifically refers to denying the Lord. It does NOT in that verse have a broad application of applying to each and every exotic or unusual doctrine or belief .

    In the book of Revelation, there is a particular doctrine that is villified called ‘the doctrine of the Nicolotaines’ (Revelation 2:15) . However, according to many of the early church fathers like Iranaeaus , the doctrine of the Nicolataines was rejected and opposed by the author of Revelation out of an objection that was more basic , inasmuch as the Nicolaitaines were anti-nomians (i.e. hedonists) of a sort who espoused wild sexual promiscuity and also eating foods set aside to be devoted to polytheistic pagan idols . Hence, the opposition in the book of Revelation was NOT based on some sort of doctrinal groupthink which sought to reject notions because they were too exotic–but, instead, out of ethical objections having to do more with personal conduct and also a disapproval of accepting polytheistic practices .

    It is interesting to note that in Phillipians I :15-18, St. Paul acknowleges that those in the Christian community which were against Paul as leader were, nonetheless, preaching the same Jesus and rejoiced in that they were doing so

  12. 12 J July 6, 2009 at 8:30 pm


    NOTE: The following article is taken from an exchange which took place about 3 years ago on a Myspace forum— regarding the interpretation of bible verses sometimes claimed in support of a rather broad and loose interpretation of the term “heresy” —with the phrasing of the original comments I posted edited for better phrasing with some addenta .

    Other Person in The Debate : Don’t forget the anathema declaration in Gal. ch. 1. It pretty much sums up the concept of a “different gospel”. Paul is asserting his apostalic authority against heresy, particularly those calling for circumcision. We are also exorted to take a stand for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3). Being a “saint” or an “apostle” has lead to extreme views of control and credal formulae, but the idea of heresy is definitely applied by the apostles, church fathers, and those who rebelled against them.

    THE RESPONSE : Actually it is dubious that the references to a different gospel or ‘another Jesus’ in Galatians refer broadly to any doctine that is unusual or very exotic , as many ultra- fundamentalists might claim . The reference to ‘another Jesus’ or “another gospel” could have very well referred to someone proclaiming another man other than Jesus is messiah . As you point out, the letter of Paul to the Galatians was particularly concerned with those factions of the early Christian community who attempted to promote the belief that one HAD to be circumcized or one could not be a follower of Jesus –a belief that Paul rejects in Galatians

    To claim that the part that warns against following another gospel applies to every belief that is considered exotic or novel is a broad interpretation that is NOT warranted by the explicit wording of the verses in Galatians !

    In Galatians, the primary opponents that Paul addresses are the faction of the early Christian community that promote circumcision as a requirement for being a follower of Jesus , to apply that warning to any exotic doctrine (as many Fundamentalists often do these days) is conjecture and goes beyond the explicit words of the text . The basic concern of the gospel that Paul was promoting was salvation from sin by the grace of the sacrifice of Jesus–and not by the doing of ritualistic works like circumcision .

    (Paul, elsewhere in other epistles like Phillipians, takes a more ecumenical approach, accepting those in the Christian movement who disputed him on some matters of doctrine as still preaching the same jesus and serving the same God even though they disagreed with Paul strongly) .

    Take, for example, those in Phillipians chapter :1 verses 14-18 who Paul reports were against his leadership .

    In Phillipians 1:16 , Paul

    ‘ The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds ‘

    Notice that Paul refers to these people as preaching Christ ‘of contention ‘ –contention apparently towards Paul himself rejecting the authority of Paul as a leader . And yet Paul believes that these same people who reject the authority Paul as a leader were preaching the same Jesus as he was . He even rejoices that these people that reject the authority of Paul as a leader are preaching Jesus .

    In Phillipians 1:18 Paul writes,

    ‘What then?nothwithstanding , every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached; and therein I do rejoice, and will rejoice ‘.

    That Paul has authority as an apostolic leader was a marginal doctrine that Paul promotes –even in one epistle writing to the community where he states ,

    ‘be ye followers of me as I am of Christ’ .

    And yet Paul does NOT emphasize the doctrine of himself having authority as being as important a doctrine as say , the resurrection and atonement of Jesus . Furthermore, he is willing to rejoice when those that disagree with his authority still preach Jesus (as in Phillipians) and does NOT refer to them as “heretics” nor does he claim they are preaching a ‘different gospel’ .

    Paul in another letter Romans chapters 14 verses 1-6 he accepts those in the ‘christian community’ that follow the holy days and dietary rules (apparently of Judaism ) as serving God JUST AS MUCH as those who claim that under grace they are free from such dietary rules –thus allowing for an ecumenical approach in regard to that area of doctrine .In Romans 14:5 he wrote ,

    ‘let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind ‘ .

    You , sir, mentioned the church fathers .

    Apparently many of the people who have studied the writings of the Church fathers –have come to the conclusion that the primary factions that the New Testament letters warn about false doctrines were the legalizers and the anti-nomian factions . The legalizers taught that the ceremonial law (and NOT just the moral law) of the first 5 Mosaic books were required for being a follower of Jesus . It is the legalizers to which Paul addresses in Galatians .

    The anti-nomians, in contrast, promoted the belief that because Jesus had presented God’s grace (instead of mere ceremonial law) as a means of relating to God, that it was somehow then okay to throw away the moral law as well and engage in wild sex -even extramarital sex and wild hedonism without much restraint on conduct .

    It is the anti-nomians that are alluded to apparently in some of the writings of the very early church fathers . That sheds apparent light on the warnings in the epistle called Jude about ungodly men ‘turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness’ and in the New Testament epistle 2 Peter, of “false teachers” –as well as the warnings against the warnings in the epistle of 2 Timothy about those that “will not endure sound doctrine” and have “itching ears” and be ‘turned unto fables’ . It is the anti-nomain factions –sexual perverts and those that forbid marriage that 2 Timothy warns about –NOT anyone that has an unusual doctrine –NOT open theists, charismatics ect .

    Hence 2 Timothy 3:6 describes people who ,

    “creep into houses and lead captive silly women captive with sins , led away with divers lusts. ” .

    1 Timothy also warns against those who forbid others to marry .(see 1 Timothy 4 :3)

    Apparently the verse in the book of Revelation also that warns against , ‘the doctrine of the Nicolaitans’ (Revelation 2:15) is, according to church fathers like Iraneaus , directed at the anti-nomians that had been followers of a man named Nicolas. He apparently had advocated liberated sex and going to feasts devoted to polytheistic idols (aka to commit fornication and eat things sacrificed to idols) .

    Thus, much of the concern about false doctrines can be more plausibly interpreted as being about doctrines by legalizing factions and factions of the early church that promoted sexual immorality and hedonism —and NOT about exotic theology (that so many of the fundamentalist heresy hunters are against) .

    It is indeed bizarre that many Fundamentalists, Calvinists and so on try and apply such warnings about ‘heresy’ and give them broad interpretation towards theological doctrines and beliefs they find exotic (such as open theism .open theism,. by the way, is more in keeping with the concept of God in Judaism as being open to dialectic with created beings . And Jesus is very Jewish ) .

    Jesus in the gospels when he speaks of false prophets uses a moral criteria and NOT a criteria of “doctrinal correctness” as a means of explaining how you can tell true prophets from false prophets . In Matthew 7:18 he teaches,

    ‘a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit ‘.

    Jesus in the gospels takes a very ecumenical approach –accepting some of those who chose to remain outside the community of his own apostles as still serving the kingdom of God . In Mark 9:38 John tells Jesus that there was one casting out devils in his name and how he and the other disciples ‘forbade him for he followeth not us’.

    Jesus then told him in the next verse , forbid him not’ and in Mark 9:40 added ,

    ‘He that is not against us is on our part’ .

    Jesus in the gospels did NOT say anything to support the heresy hunting that many Fundamentalists support at all .

    In Matthew 25: verses 31-46 , the criteria that Jesus said would separate the blessed from the accursed was NOT any doctrinal theological “correctness” for its own sake, but instead whether or not a person showed kindness to those who he called ‘the least of his bretheren’ . The ultimate criteria according to Jesus that separated the sheep from the goats was NOT whether they believed in doctrines like baptism by immersion , the impassibility of God , the authority of the apostles, the protestant canon , total depravity , or any of the doctrines that Calvinists and other Fundamentalists allege to be such paramount doctrines , but instead whether they fed, gave drink, clothed, welcomed , visited those that Jesus called ‘the least of the bretheren ‘ .

    That is NOT to say that Matthew 25 taught redemption by works , but rather that Jesus taught that following him and God involved making a conscious effort to show kindness to the destitute out of a pure principle of charity — and also NOT expecting any reward for doing so .

    Note that in Matthew 25:37-40 , the people who Jesus calls blessed are apparently suprised they served Jesus in helping the least of the brethren . They ask questions like ‘when did we you hungry and give you something to eat ?, when saw you a stranger and take you in? ‘ et al.

    Are these questions that Jesus predicts the blessed people will ask in Matthew 25 rhetorical questions or earnest questions ?

    If they are earnest questions then that suggests that these people (which Jesus calls blessed) do these acts of charity *without expecting any reward for doing so at all , but do so to serve a principle of kindness towards the unfortunate . That further indicates that a person having the “heart” (disposition) directed toward kindness to the unfortunate is more important a criteria to Jesus than doctrinal correctness when such doctrinal “correctness” is conceived apart from the more purely ethical considerations .

    The irony is that the people in the story of Matthew who give unto the least of the bretheren did so , not to avoid some unpleasant torture in some hell nor to gain litertalized rewards in some paradise but did so sheerly out of kindness , for after all they did not fully realize that by feeding , visiting , giving shelter to the least of the believers in Jesus they were indirectly giving to Jesus too .

    In the New Testament epistle called I John sums up what is most important in terms of the teaching of Jesus that the epistle calls ‘his commandments’ .

    ‘ And this is his commandment that we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as he gave us commandment ‘.

    Thus, in the epistle called I John, the basic tenet of belief is indeed a very basic tenet and believing the gospel is NOT equated with a lengthy list of doctrinally correct beliefs that heresy hunting sectarians claim !

    J said on: July 6th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

  13. 13 Thomas October 29, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    The Bible is not The Word of God, Jesus is… in the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… and the Word became FLESH… not a book. The Bible is not the infallible Word of God, it is inspired by God, but not infallible. “Why do you call me Good, there is none Good but our father” there is nothing on this plane that is perfect and infallible except God. That includes the Bible.

    But as you said, salvation comes from Believing on JESUS, that HE died for our sins and raised again to offer us the gift of eternal life…. that doesn’t require believing the entire Bible.

    You can go to heaven simply on the belief in Jesus. That’s the requirement. The Bible was fully constructed in 322 AD… what do you think the Apostle Paul and Peter read in the first century? Since they wrote the letters that compose much of the New Testament Bible, what was it that they turned to? not believing on THE BIBLE or from CLAIMING Christianity in and of themselves does not bar one from salvation offered from believing in Jesus’ life death and resurrection.

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