Bynum In Divorce Court

No, not a real divorce court, the TV show “Divorce Court”

I railed on Juanita’s soon to be former husband last month, so, in fairness, I’ve got to hold the microscope up to her as well.

She makes it easy – especially since she (like Tommy) refuses to sit down somewhere and get true biblical counseling instead of dragging their sitcom in front of the media every few weeks.

This week, Juanita will grace TV’s “Divorce Court” to offer advice to couples who are divorcing. It’s not entirely unreasonable – particularly since Tommy Weeks will be her 2nd former husband.

I find it telling, however, that Juanita will go to a TV courtroom to advise divorcing couples, but she begged Tommy to keep his mouth shut and plead guilty for assaulting her – just to keep a lid on their life together.

In case you’re curious, she admitted that she sent the text message to Tommy (towards the end of the video).

I realize that you’ve already abandoned decorum if you take a serious civil case to a TV court anyway, but can we expect these “litigants” to listen to anything that comes from the mouth of a false prophet (or prophetess)?

Juanita Bynum is a false prophet (or prophetess), primarily because:

  • She preaches the prosperity doctrine heresy and publicly declares that God will reward you with money for giving money to Him (through her, of course). Paul reminded us of what happens when we desire to become rich (1 Timothy 6:9-10).
  • Moreover, she mesmerizes millions of people across the globe by distorting scripture, lying and saying “God told me to tell you to sow…”, placing them in deeper bondage – and enticing them to follow her around the globe as she spews her heresy from conference to conference.
  • She sought $200K from her “followers” to build another “threshing floor” to pray to God on their behalf. I guess she’s more adept at intercession than Jesus Christ  (Hebrews 7:24-26).
  • She uses the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ to sell magazines, music cd’s, organic make-up (huh?) – and HERSELF. I guess Paul had it all wrong when he desired to preach the Gospel to teach salvation instead of for personal gain (1 Thesselonians 2:5-12).

There’s more but I’ll stop here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the Weeks/Bynum circus is simply a protracted street fight between two pimps vying for territory. Period.

No matter how deluded either of these false prophets are, many will still flock to them because their heresy still tickles the ear – as Paul warned it would (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

If you’re a follower of Tommy or Juanita, PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THEM, repent before the Lord Jesus Christ, and study the Word of God for yourself.

Once you’ve gained a fair distance between you and these degenerate false teachers, read Matthew 7:15-23 to remember what our Lord says about “fruit inspecting” – just to make sure that you don’t fall for the same heresy again.


2 Responses to “Bynum In Divorce Court”

  1. 1 lavrai April 23, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    I read that AP article about her appearance on ‘Divorce Court…’ This is her response about having once contemplated suicide:

    “Suicide crossed my mind … You know, I felt hopeless,” Bynum said. “I didn’t because the name Bynum represents a legacy of people that have gone before me and had I done that I would have given too much power to an individual to not just wipe me out but to wipe out the integrity of the legacy I was born in.”

    Now, I’m curious — did she contemplate suicide before or after she got saved? Because if this was after she got saved… I don’t see how eternal damnation (or disappointing her CREATOR) didn’t come up in the explanation for why she didn’t kill herself.

  2. 2 Speaking Truth April 24, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Excellent observation lavrai!

    The article infers that she felt suicidal as a result of the Weeks marriage debacle – well after her salvation experience.

    As a so-called “minister” and “prophetess” who “empowers millions of women around the world with her ministry” (her words, not mine), she knows that we all were hopeless before we accepted Christ (Ephesians 2:12-13).

    I would hope that she would take the opportunity to remind the world that no matter what challenges we face in life, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we have a hope that does not disappoint because of the grace of God through Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1-5).

    But, true to form, Jaunita instead chose not to commit suicide because of the “legacy that she was born into” – another example of self exaltation.

    I pray that this viper becomes even more transparent so that the sheep begin to see her true intent.

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