What Would YOU Do?

I want to introduce you to Keith Tolbert of Covington (suburban Atlanta), Georgia, and his blog: In Submission To Sovereignty.

Keith is an airline pilot who escaped Eddie Long’s plantation years ago.

Keith is also a prolific blogger (even though he’s not on WordPress 😦 ) and a student of Reformation theology. I’ve been reading his blog for the past 3 months (at the suggestion of my colleague Independent Conservative after I escaped a plantation myself).

I just added Keith to my blogroll. I would’ve done it sooner but for the fact that I recently started studying reformation myself – and most believers today don’t want to grasp the concept of the true foundation of our faith.

Let’s face it: the five solas just aren’t as sexy as the “name it and claim it” prosperity heresy that is preached in most pulpits today.

Anyway, Keith’s latest post is a great read:

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Separating the Men from the Rabbits

In general, I would consider myself to be a fairly optimistic person. I believe I have very good reason to be optimistic because I know God wins every time. When it comes to converting false teachers in the church and awakening their ardent followers; however, I have to admit that the prospects of overwhelming success are quite minute. The deceived are content and the deceivers love having it so. Confronted with this reality, I have often asked myself what would have to happen to change this situation. Today I was reminded of a story that was once emailed to me. It went something like this . . .

“One Sunday morning, Rev. Smith (not his real name)was about to begin his sermon at ____________(insert name)___________(insert denomination)Church. Just as he was about to speak, the doors to the sanctuary were thrown open. Ten masked men, dressed in black and brandishing semi-automatic weapons charged into the room. The leader of the intruders stepped forward and announced, “We are going to kill every Christian in this room. If you wish to live, deny your Christ and we will spare you and let you leave.” The men went through the congregation of more than 100 people and demanded their denial of the Lord Jesus. When they were through all that remained were the ten masked men, Rev. Smith and 15 of the congregants. Among those who denied Jesus and fled were: 3 ushers, 6 deacons and the entire mass choir. (click here to read the rest)

After reading Keith’s article, you should ask yourself “What would I do in that circumstance?”.
And don’t give the religious answer…would you contend for the faith, even to the point of death?

4 Responses to “What Would YOU Do?”

  1. 1 Keith Tolbert April 18, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Speaking Truth,

    At the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration society, I just wanted to thank you for including me on your blog.

    You ask a very important question: “What would YOU Do? It’s all to easy for any of us (me too, probably especially) to do a Peter and tell Jesus we’d go to death for Him and end up denying Him.

    We really should stop to think about the plight of our brothers and sisters in Christ in places like Indonesia who are facing that kind of test on a daily basis and are passing with flying colors. Could we do the same? We may be tested very soon.

    Like you said, the “sexy” words like “name it and claim it” are not seeing them through and they won’t see us through. Only a rock-like faith in the biblical Jesus will see us through.

    Thanks for your blog and for your commitment to our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. 2 djenk23 April 18, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    to be honest, i’ve often wondered if i would stand for Christ in situations like this…whether it be gunman, being thrown to the lions, or facing the guillotine….

  3. 3 Speaking Truth April 18, 2008 at 4:16 pm


    It’s my pleasure to expose your blog to those who visit this site. Like you, I don’t do this for profit or for fun…I’m simply serving Him by serving His people.

    I agree, it’s easy to say that we’d pull a Peter when times are good – I mean, Peter didn’t really think of the implications of his declaration either because he denied Christ when it appeared that he might be next (Matt.26:33-35). It wasn’t until after Penetecost that Peter had a chance to get it right

    It’s a vital question that (frankly) every alleged believer is going to have to answer one day.

    Keep laboring for our Lord…

  4. 4 lavrai April 18, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    djenk23: You’re not alone in those thoughts. I think we all have to seriously ask ourselves that question…because it seems more than guaranteed that many of us will have to at some point in the future anyway…for real.

    So why not do that self-inventory and fix what needs fixing or strengthen what needs strengthening if we don’t like the answer we come up?

    As for me, heck yeah! Christ all the way! …The only thing I’m concerned about is torture…I can’t stand prolonged pain 🙂 So how do I solve that? I pray every for the LORD to help increase my faith, love and devotion to HIM and HIS WORD.

    But seriously, I believe GOD and HIS Son Jesus the Christ. So if the LORD says those who remain faithful to HIM will get to hang out in heaven for eternity and not in the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth… I absolutely believe HIM.

    But I pray for strength everyday and try to encourage those around…as I hope we all do.

    And yes, shameless plug (on same subject): http://lavrai.com/blogs/2008/04/02/will-you-give-in-or-hold-on-to-christ-jesus/

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